最新版本 FortiClient 6.2.2

FortiClient 6.2.2

FortiClient 6.2.2
FortiClient 是一個免費的終端保護套件,包括惡意軟件 / 病毒檢測,rootkit 刪除,家長網絡控制和 VPN。使用來自 Fortinet FortiGuard 實驗室的更新的威脅情報和定義來檢測惡意軟件。家長控制提供了一個簡單而有效的方法來阻止惡意和明確的網站。單一 VPN 配置允許通過 IPSec 或 SSL 協議進行快速簡單的安全遠程訪問。利用由 Fortinet 內部開發的 FortiClient 防病毒技術, FortiClient 防病毒已經獲得了二十多個 VB100 獎項,並且能夠在被動和主動的基礎上檢測威脅。主動檢測基於檢測零日惡意軟件,這是以前從未見過的惡意軟件.

FortiClient 是專為世界上最大的企業環境設計的企業級套件,包括“財富”1000 強企業,聯邦和州政府機構以及需要終極一個完全模塊化的保護套件,能夠超越防病毒。 FortiClient 與 FortiGate,FortiManager 和 FortiAnalyzer 完全集成,用於管理,部署和中央日誌 / 報告功能:
防病毒 SSL-VPN Web 過濾 IPSec VPN 應用防火牆雙因素身份驗證漏洞掃描廣域網優化自動 VPN 的在線檢測重塑品牌同樣可用:下載 FortiClient 為 Mac


檔案版本 FortiClient 6.2.2

檔案名稱 FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller_6.2.exe
檔案大小 819.2 KB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Fortinet
更新日期 2019-12-20

What's new in this version:

- After upgrading FortiClient, the user avatar is missing on both FortiClient and EMS

Endpoint control:
- FortiClient does not register to new FortiGate when EMS changes/updates its gateway list
- FortiESNAC causes endpoint to query for domain name
- FortiClient (Windows) fails to register to other reachable EMS in EMS list if current one becomes offline
- FortiClient can get stuck while synchronizing and never receive profile
- FortiClient still reports its state as offline/onnet when unregistered from EMS
- FortiClient fails to connect or disconnect to EMS

Install and upgrade:
- Light installer should not work on any clients registered to EMS
- Should remove VPN-only in applications and features after installing full version over free client

Malware Protection:
- FortiClient AV cannot quarantine files on Remote Desktop Session host with User profile disk
- FortiClient AV causes PC to become unusable when opening Microsoft Outlook
- Observed memory leak by Fortiae.exe
- FortiClient fails to send avatar to EMS

Remote Access:
- Toggling Prefer SSL VPN DNS setting from Enabled to Disabled does not clear the DNS entries for local adapters
- FortiClient does not connect to IPsec VPN if multiple Diffie Hellman groups are selected
- Failed to see VPN before logon option on Windows 10 x64 1803 with fresh FortiClient install
- With proxy server in the middle, SSL VPN tunnel requires that a machine certificate can bypass it
- User Name is empty on GUI after VPN is up
- Remote Access cannot display tunnel and related information after disconnecting
- Tunnel with RegEx as certificate filter fails to make VPN connection from FortiTray after clicking Connect first time
- VPN before login feature does not work on Windows 10 LTSB
- FortiClient (Windows) fails to make VPN connect with certificate in current user or without certificate on Windows 7
- FortiClient (Windows) should not allow VPN connection from FortiTray after free three-day VPN access

- FortiSandbox does not scan attachments opened from Microsoft Outlook 2016
- FortiClient with FortiSandbox setting Blocking File Access on Mapped Drive when using PDF 995 application
- FortiClient sends incorrect checksum for detected Sandbox Cloud quarantined files

Vulnerability Scan:
- FortiClient fails to patch vulnerability for Java JRE 8.0.1310.11
- FortiClient fails to update vulnerabilities to EMS without starting new VCM scan

Web Filter:
- FortiClient Web Filter warning page Proceed button does not work
- FortiClient (Windows) treats rated websites as unrated URLs and blocks them
- FortiClient Web Filter marks Lifesize application/URL under hacking and blocks it
- Web Filter does not block

- Severe network degradation (extremely slow network) on Windows VM when FortiClient is loaded
- FortiClient diagnostic tool does not do anything if FortiClient is not installed
- FortiClient System Tray Controller has memory leak and high CPU
- FortiAnalyzer is missing FortiClient logs
- Host Tag Monitor should not tag applications excluded from vulnerability compliance check
- FortiClient does not send assigned policy to FortiAnalzyer
- FortiClient reports to FortiAnalyzer that endpoint quarantine and endpoint control state change every two minutes
- BSOD was observed with FortiClient with crash inside fortiaptfilter.sys
- You can delete files in FortiClient folder even if FortiShield is running
- FCDblog.exe process keeps crashing on Windows 10 x64 platform when FortiClient is registered to EMS
- FortiClient sends garbled social info to FortiAnalyzer
- FortiTray does not run after EMS deployment

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