Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

最新版本 Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope
從網頁到桌面到全圓頂天文館,Microsoft WorldWide Telescope(WWT)使您能夠探索宇宙,將來自世界上最好的地面和空間望遠鏡的圖像結合在一起,並將其與 3D 導航相結合。通過 WWT,您可以體驗天文學家和教育工作者帶來有趣天象的導遊講解。您可以研究並導入您自己的數據並將其可視化,然後創建一個導覽以與其他人共享。

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope 功能:
通過 3D 球形環境無縫導航:天空,行星和我們的太陽系獲得數百 TB 的天空,地球和地球數據查看,創建和編輯導覽體驗帶有月球軌道,小行星等的 3D 太陽系視圖訪問基於網絡的天文目錄中的數十億個物體使用觸摸控制觸摸屏導航前進 2000 年時間注意:需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

檔案名稱 wwtsetup-
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microsoft Corporation
更新日期 2022-02-23

What's new in this version:

HiPS Support:
- In tandem with the web client, the WWT 2022 Windows application adds long-awaited support for HiPS datasets! This feature was contributed by the China-VO developer group. The new version includes a large built-in database of HiPS datasets accessible in a new top-level folder in the “Explore” ribbon. Both imagery and catalogs are supported. HiPS catalog data can be displayed to update on-the-fly as the WWT viewport moves around on the sky.

Updated Oculus Support:
- The new WWT Windows application supports modern Oculus VR developer kits, instead of the preview versions, providing compatibility with current headset models

Image-Based Projector Distortion Calibration:
- There is early work to support calibration of dome projector distortions by processing a captured grid display from third-party software. This functionality is not yet documented, so reach out to [email protected] if this capability may be of interest to you.

Exploring FITS Cubes:
- Some FITS cubes can now be loaded in the app such that you can scrub through the cube planes interactively

Updated Branding and System Locations:
WWT assets have been updated to align with AAS’s stewardship of the project. In particular, installation and data storage directories are now filed under “American Astronomical Society” rather than “Microsoft Research”. In particular:
- The default installation location has moved from [ProgramFiles]Microsoft ResearchMicrosoft WorldWide Telescope to [ProgramFiles]American Astronomical SocietyAAS WorldWide Telescope
- The user data storage location has moved from [LocalAppData]MicrosoftWorldWideTelescope to [LocalAppData]American Astronomical SocietyWorldWideTelescope. (Here, [LocalAppData] is usually C:Users[user]AppDataLocal.)
- The location for WWT configuration registry keys has moved from HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWorldWide Telescope to HKCUSoftwareAmerican Astronomical SoftwareWorldWide Telescope.
- These moves may break the usages of some tools such as the Remote Control or custom system startup scripts

More 3D Models:
- Now glTF 3D models (.glb files) can be displayed
- “Universal Windows Platform” Framework
- While we are still only distributing the standard WWT Windows application, the WWT 6 codebase has undergone extensive revisions to prepare it for build in the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), laying the groundwork for making WWT available on a variety of different devices.

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