最新版本 Twine 2.5.0

Twine 2.5.0

Twine 2.5.0
LibreCAD 是著名的專業 2D 和 3D 建模和設計套件 Auto CAD 的開源替代品。管理模擬和在某些情況下超越 AutoCAD 的功能,LibreCAD 代表每個新手和專業人士進入 2D 設計世界的絕佳機會,通過訪問免費提供給所有人的行業領先工具!這個應用程序是在一個開源的環境中創建的,這個環境專注於為所有支持的平台(Windows,Linux,Unix-like,Mac OS X)上的 LibreCAD 用戶快速更新,這個應用程序現在代表了 2D 建模,付費或者免費的.

LibreCAD 的界面是從頭開始創建的,使所有的用戶都可以輕鬆地訪問所有必要的工具來操作 2D 設計而不犧牲任何東西。畫布面積很大,繪圖工具,選擇器,圖層列表和圖塊列表都圍繞它排列,大量的附加工具可以通過上下文菜單或固定的菜單安排在應用程序的頂部(涵蓋所有你將需要,包括 - 選擇,繪製,尺寸,修改,捕捉,圖層和塊)。即使這個應用程序已於 2011 年 12 月第一次發布,在很短的一段時間後,它設法吸引了大量的用戶群和開發支持.

LibreCAD 充滿了強大的工具,可以幫助每個人輕鬆實現其設計目標 - 全套繪圖,修飾和托盤工具,全面的文檔,可定制的用戶界面,無數的教程,以及更多.

LibreCAD 特點:
它是免費的– 不用擔心執照費用或年費。沒有語言障礙– 它提供了大量的語言,更多的是不斷添加的。 GPLv2 公共許可證 - ndash; 您可以使用它,自定義它,將其複制並從全球活躍的社區和經驗豐富的開發人員團隊免費獲得用戶支持和開發人員支持。 LibreCAD 是一個開源社區驅動的項目:開發麵向新人才,新思路,軟件每天由一個大型的用戶社區進行測試和使用; 你也可以參與並影響其未來的發展。也可用:下載 LibreCAD 為 Mac


檔案版本 Twine 2.5.0

檔案名稱 Twine-2.5.0-Windows.exe
系統 Windows (All Versions)
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 LibreCAD Team
更新日期 2022-08-28

What's new in this version:

New Features and Improvements:
Passages considered "empty" now show with a translucent background. To be considered empty, a passage must satisfy all of the criteria below:
- Has no text, not even just whitespace
- Has no tags
- Is the default size (small)
- Is not the start passage of the story
- If the last link to an empty passage is removed, an empty passage will be deleted
- This behavior is somewhat provisional, and constructive feedback is appreciated. The goal of this change is to address issues where typing links could create many extraneous passages, and to generally help keep stories from being cluttered with unused passages.
- Dialogs may now be maximized.
- The width of dialogs can now be customized in the Preferences dialog.
- If playing, testing, or publishing a story to file fails, an error message is now shown. Previously, it failed silently.
- The Delete Passages button now disables if the start passage in the story is selected
- Portuguese and French translations have been improved

Features Removed:
- Middle-clicking the story map no longer creates a passage. It falls back to the default behavior instead, usually allowing the user to scroll around the story map.

- Entering an invalid regular expression in the Find and Replace text no longer crashes Twine. It now reports no matches.
- Replacing a story during an import now correctly links passages to their parent story. This bug manifested as an inability to select passages, edit them in some cases, and other similar problems
- Padding on the story map has been adjusted so that dialogs no longer overlap passages on the right
- If the list of story tags or stories to import is too long to fit the window height, the list scrolls properly
- Portuguese and Chinese localizations now load correctly
- If an incorrect story format URL is entered when adding a new story format, an error is shown correctly. Previously, it showed placeholder text
- The Mac app is now ad hoc signed, so users on Apple Silicon should not see repeated permissions prompts when the app launches--only one, the first time it runs
- The app icon on Windows has been enlarged

Story Format Updates:
- Harlowe has been updated to 3.3.2

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