Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox

最新版本 ScriptCase 9.0.035 (64-bit)

ScriptCase 9.0.035 (64-bit)

ScriptCase 9.0.035 (64-bit)
Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox(Intel® SSD Toolbox)是用於 Windows PC 的驅動器管理軟件,允許您:
查看 Intel® 的當前驅動器信息固態硬盤(英特爾®固態硬盤),包括:型號,容量和固件版本驅動器健康狀況估計驅動器使用壽命剩餘 S.M.A.R.T. 屬性(也可用於硬盤驅動器和非英特爾 SSD)識別設備信息(也可用於硬盤驅動器和非英特爾 SSD)使用修剪功能優化英特爾 SSD 性能使用修剪功能在 RAID 0 中優化英特爾 SSD 性能英特爾® 快速存儲技術(英特爾®RST)11.0 或更高版本。注意:需要.NET Framework.


檔案版本 ScriptCase 9.0.035 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 scriptcase_install_en_us_v9.0.035-x64.exe
檔案大小 335 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Intel
更新日期 2018-01-25

What's new in this version:

ScriptCase 9.0.035 (64-bit)
Specific correction:
- Fixed issue in returning a connection when we use the sc_select (where) macro in the source application
- Fixed issue when running the application "Dashboard" in the interface's initial mode
- Fixed issue in view of field view lookup when condition had dot
- Fixed problem of accentuation in the label of the macro button "sc_ajax_message", when using charset other than UTF-8
- Corrected spacing of the navigation buttons being displayed below

- Corrected issue in displaying the values of the field "Data" in the interface of the Group By. You will need to clear your browser's cache
- Fixed special SQL error in Grid Application
- Fixed anchor of the menu link in the documentation

ScriptCase 9.0.034 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added lang support in the sc_alert macro. Ex: sc_alert ({lang_btns_ajax})
- Enabled the image and document database fields in the Grid columns interface
- Enabled the examples in the onScriptInit event of the Grid

Specific correction:
- Fixed validation of values in the interface of version incrementation
- Fixed issue in the events help link
- Fixed issue in searching for Dynamic Search with data type "TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE"
- Corrected issue in viewing the refined filter values, after returning from Summary Group by links
- Fixed issue in hint viewing on field links using Sc7_Black theme

- Fixed issue Tab_lig_apls is not defined in Grid links called through the Menu
- Fixed issue in the display of the "delete" button when canceling the edition of record in the Grid view editable Form
- Fixed "Array to string conversion" error when using the sc_mail_send macro
- Fixed issue when generating a free format Grid without the toolbar buttons

ScriptCase 9.0.033 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added RTL language support in the Summary filter

Specific correction:
- Fixed Grid export issue when using macros "sc_seq_register" and "count_ger" in the OnRecord event
- Fixed macro help link in events

- Fixed issue in Chart display in pdf export
- Fixed issue in NestedGrid type links

ScriptCase 9.0.032 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added option to display the background image of the pdf report when no record is found. This option is available in the SQL interface menu
- Added option for the positioning of the registration message that does not exist in the PDF Report. This option is available in the SQL interface menu
- Added dropdown support in SELECT filter fields
- Added support for complex SQL in Auto-complete fields

ScriptCase 9.0.031 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added new values ​​in the "negative currency format" option in the total fields of the summary
- Added grid navigation configuration support from master / detail
- Added support for YEAR fields
- Added support for Nested Grids in Grid details
- Implemented support to macro "sc_format_num" in the onrecord event of the grid, using summary fields
- Added "port" option in SFTP publishing settings
- Added port data entry for DB2 connection

Specific correction:
- Fixed issue when converting Access tables that have images
- Fixed issue in the initial execution of pyramid and 2D funnel charts
- Fixed issue when using subselect command in field lookup
- Fixed issue when running operations directly in the application's SQL
- Fixed issue using "Use ENTER to Submit" option in dynamic filter settings
- Adjustments in the Nested Grid css when using the title option on the same row
- Fixed issue in view of the buttons size on the iframe type connections

- Fixed issue in viewing the records in the calendar by checking the option "all day". The schedule showed less 1 day
- Fixed issue in formatting millisecond fields
- Fixed duplicate data insertion problem with dynamic search
- Fixed issue when using the database session option in the post
- Fixed issue in viewing calendar time on Oracle connections
- Fixed issue in the Themes view of the tree menu. The tree menu was not inheriting the Themes css
- Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call a member function Execute () when using the sc_lookup macro in the ReportPdf application onHeader event
- Fixed issue in the informed value of the negative field of manual lookup of the multiple selection fields
- Fixed issue in viewing calendar records on Access database connections
- Fixed issue when using the menu toolbar with image type buttons
- Fixed issue when using link button in Editable Grid Form (view)
- Fixed issue in pdf export when printing mode was configured for economic

ScriptCase 9.0.030 (64-bit)
New functionalities:
- Added macro support "sc_format_num" in the onrecord event of the grid

Specific correction:
- Adjustment in error display when editing multi-upload fields
- Fixed issue in gantt chart view with other date formats
- CSS settings in the editing of the menu toolbar and editing of menu items

- Fixed issue in macro "sc_field_disabled" in fields select multiple values in single record form
- Fixed issue in connection of subquery type in firebird connections
- Fixed issue in express creation of applications
- Fixed bug with sc_ajax_message macro

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