DesktopOK (64-bit)

最新版本 Windows Terminal 2021 1.10.2383.0

Windows Terminal 2021 1.10.2383.0

Windows Terminal 2021 1.10.2383.0
DesktopOK 64 位是一個小而有效的解決方案,用戶必須經常更改屏幕分辨率。對於經常需要在筆記本電腦(例如筆記本電腦或平板電腦)上使用投影儀的 Windows 用戶來說也是很好的選擇。

更改屏幕分辨率後,您可以在 Windows 桌面上找到一個圖標混亂,就好像一枚炸彈擊中了它。圖標位置將會移動,Windows 將不能正確恢復桌面圖標的位置。 DesktopOK 64 位的也有其他有用的功能,你可以找到這一點,在主菜單中,Tools.

DesktopOK 特點:
保存每個屏幕分辨率您喜歡的圖標的位置。輕鬆最小化屏幕上的所有窗口在 Windows 啟動時啟動。每個用戶可以有自己的安排。便攜式 Windows 應用程序自動保存桌面圖標佈局更改語言最大化 Windows 桌面圖標的數量更改 Windows 桌面圖標大小最小化為托盤區域以便於訪問。多種語言自動隱藏和顯示桌面圖標


檔案版本 Windows Terminal 2021 1.10.2383.0

檔案名稱 Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_1.10.2383.0_8wekyb3d8bbw
系統 Windows XP 64 / Vista 64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Nenad Hrg
更新日期 2021-09-01

What's new in this version:

- You can now delete autogenerated profiles. That just about says it all. Sorry for taking so long on this one!
- Bold or "intense" text can now be displayed as bright colors, a bold font, or both
- We released 1.10 with the new default set to both bold and bright, but have reset it to just bright until we work out some text rendering issues
- Set intenseTextStyle (flag enum, default bright, options bold, bright, all) in any profile

- This version of Terminal ships with Cascadia Code 2108.26, which contains fixes for some ligature issues, Hebrew glyph positioning and more.
- In the settings UI, we've changed a number of tooltips to replace "checked" (as in, a checkbox) with "enabled" because they're toggle switches now

- The console (and terminal) will no longer hold on to large memory allocations after large I/O requests
- Terminal now loads WSL distributions in a different way, and will not hang on startup waiting for them

- An issue where opening a tab with Narrator running resulted in no output has been fixed
- Moving your screen reader cursor by line, character and document is now more reliable
- ...and should no longer cause an occasional deadlock

"Default Terminal":
- Command-line applications launched through "Default Terminal" now follow the windowing behavior setting
- Applications launched into terminal no longer erroneously believe the screen to be 9001 lines tall
- We fixed an issue resulting in Ctrl+C never reaching handoff applications

"Quake" Mode:
- The "quake" window's borders will no longer appear on adjacent monitors
- Dismissing the "quake" window and summoning it on another display will now properly update its size
- Snapping the "quake" window to another display will also properly update its size

- Saving your settings will no longer destroy them if settings.json is a symbolic link
- When you attempt to use Alt+Arrow Keys with no panes, we will now send those keys to the connected client
- A crash during startup/commandline execution regarding moving focus to a new pane has been quashed

Terminal Emulation:
- You can no longer erroneously interact with mouse-mode applications at bad coordinates when they are scrolled away
- Selected text will no longer move off of its selected line as more text is output...
- ... until it no longer fits on screen, at which point it absolutely will.
- The alternate buffer now inherits its cursor state from the main buffer
- We've put a sock in a very loud exception handler
- We will no longer try to resize the display if the size hasn't changed, and no longer clear your selection
- C1 control characters in SetConsoleTitle will no longer cause Terminal to lose sanity
- The terminal will no longer scroll vertically if you have a horizontal wheel
- RIS no longer even has a chance of failing

User Interface:
- No longer will dropdown menus and combo boxes fly wildly off the screen if you scroll or drag the window! Rejoice!
- Restoring from fullscreen no longer accidentally counts the window border as part of the new size
- The window border is likewise ignored when calculating the initial position of the window
- We have removed a double scrollbar from the settings UI, which was a fix for another issue, which has now been fixed properly
- We've fixed some focus tracking bugs that occur during complicated command line handling
- There is no longer an annoying issue where some people on non-100%-scaling displays would not be able to use the tab bar when maximized
- The settings UI animations are now slightly less obnoxious

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