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The Dude 7.2

The Dude 7.2
BlueStacks 是第一個可以讓你在 Windows PC 上使用你最喜歡的移動應用程序的軟件。您可以下載如 Angry Birds Space,Candy Crush Saga,Telegram,Temple Run 2,Evernote 或 Documents 等應用程序直接進入 BlueStack,或使用 BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android 應用程序同步手機中的應用程序。 Basiclly 這個應用程序是一個 PC 機的 Android 模擬器。 BlueStacks 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是 BlueStacks 的完全離線安裝程序安裝程序.

BlueStacks 功能:
Android 應用程序在您的 PC 或平板電腦上快速全屏顯示使用 Cloud Connect 移動應用程序將應用程序從您的手機推送到您的 BlueStacks 在舊款平板電腦和上網本上運行速度可能不會很快下載應用程序來自 Google Play 附帶預先安裝的遊戲和應用程序注意:需要.NET Framework.

也可以下載 BlueStacks for Mac


檔案版本 The Dude 7.2

檔案名稱 dude-install-7.2.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 BlueStacks Team
更新日期 2022-04-05

What's new in this version:

- api - accept "Content-Type" with specified charset
- arm - fixed "auto" CPU frequency setting
- arm - fixed "shutdown" command on hAP ac^2
- arm64 - improved Watchdog initiated reboot reason reporting
- arm64 - improved low disk space handling condition on upgrade
- backup - added "force-v6-to-v7-configuration-upgrade" option on backup load to clear RouterOS v7 configuration and trigger reimport of RouterOS v6 route configuration (CLI only)
- backup - fixed automatic backup generation when resetting configuration
- backup - fixed cloud backup's creation timezone
- bgp - added BGP advertisements display (requires output.keep-sent-attributes to be set)
- bgp - do not export default BGP values
- bgp - fixed VPNv4 route sending to remote peer
- bgp - fixed link-local iBGP address selection
- bgp - fixed network advertisement from address-lists after reboot
- bgp - fixed routing table and BGP configuration order in export
- bgp - improvements on detecting peers local address when IPv6 link-local addresses are used
- bluetooth - allow to export device, advertiser and scanner configuration
- bluetooth - disable scanning by default
- bridge - added fast-path and inter-VLAN routing FastTrack support when vlan-filtering is enabled
- bridge - fixed FastPath when using "frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged" setting
- bridge - fixed PPPoE packet forwarding when using "use-ip-firewall-for-pppoe" setting
- bridge - fixed bridge filter and NAT rules on ARM64 and TILE devices
- bridge - fixed destination NAT when using "use-ip-firewall" setting
- bridge - fixed filter and NAT "set-priority" action
- bridge - fixed filter and NAT "set-priority" on ARM64 devices
- bridge - fixed filter rules when using interface lists
- bridge - fixed firewall "ingress-priority" matcher and "new-priority=from-ingress" action settings from VLAN tagged frames
- bridge - fixed priority tagged frame forwarding when using "frame-types=admit-only-untagged-and-priority-tagged" setting
- capsman - improved stability when running background scan on CAP
- capsman - improved system stability when processing CAP packet by Mangle
- ccr2004 - improved PCI timeout handling on CCR2004-1G-2XS-PCIe
- ccr2004 - improved system stability on CCR2004-12S+2XS
- certificate - allow to choose digest algorithm for CSR signing
- certificate - made "fingerprint" parameter read-only
- chr - improved system stability when writing into memory
- chr - temporarily suspended downgrade to RouterOS v6
- clock - properly notify all instances about time changes
- conntrack - properly detect helper status
- console - fixed "print" command with additional "where" condition
- console - improved console responsiveness when processing received characters
- console - made "password" parameter mandatory when creating a new user
- console - properly erase CLI history after configuration reset
- console - updated copyright notice
- crs1xx/2xx - fixed static switch host addresses after link down
- crs1xx/2xx - ignore static bridge host addresses (switch unicast-fdb should be used instead)
- crs3xx - fixed CPU load balancing for ARM dual core devices
- crs3xx - fixed QSFP+ interface LEDs
- crs3xx - fixed watchdog timer functionality
- crs3xx - improved SFP+ interface linking after reboot for CRS312 device
- crs3xx - improved maximum allowed ACL rule calculation
- crs3xx - improved system stability when creating many ACL rules on CRS317, CRS309, CRS312, CRS326-24S+2Q+ and CRS354 devices
- defconf - made "" the default LAN IP address for LTE CPE devices
- dhcp-server - fixed DHCP Option decimal value parsing
- dhcp-server - fixed statistics sending in "Accounting Stop" packets
- dhcp-server - send "Class" attribute in "Accounting Request" when provided by RADIUS
- dhcpv4-server - allow adding comments
- dhcpv4-server - remove dynamic leases when server configuration is removed
- dhcpv4-server - reset dynamic "bcast" flag when receiving offer from DHCP relay
- dhcpv4-server - reset offer counter when receiving offer from DHCP relay
- dhcpv6 - added VRF support
- dot1x - added "server-fail-vlan-id", "guest-vlan-id" and "reauth-timeout" settings for dot1x server
- dot1x - added "src-address", "src-mac-address" and "src-port" settings for dynamic switch rules
- dot1x - added NAS-Port-ID attribute for RADIUS Access-Request
- dude - fixed The Dude client compatibility with RouterOS v7
- dude - fixed The Dude compatibility with ARM64
- ethernet - improved system stability when receiving large packets on devices with 88F3720 CPU (nRAY, LHGG)
- firewall - improved available port lookup for source NAT when free port range is exhausted
- graphing - properly generate interface graph for traffic higher than 2.1Gbps
- hotspot - fixed login page over HTTPS
- hotspot - fixed memory leak on every web page loading
- hotspot - fixed web page loading using HTTPS
- ike2 - ignore "INITIAL-CONTACT" payload on responder when "send-initial-contact" is disabled
- interface - fixed minor memory leak when interface or connected route is changed
- ipsec - added hardware acceleration support for CCR2116
- ipsec - fixed "identities" menu emptying after RouterOS upgrade/reboot
- ipv6 - do not add duplicate dynamic prefix when static already exists
- ipv6 - fixed "retransmissit-interval" unit value
- ipv6 - fixed VLAN tagged PPPoE packet receiving on RB5009
- l2tp - fixed CHAP challenge packet processing over IPsec
- l2tp - improved service stability when disabling L2TP server with connected clients
- l2tp - improved system stability when processing L2TP control messages
- l3hw - added HW offloaded FastTrack support for inter-VLAN routing
- l3hw - fixed HW offloaded NAT
- l3hw - fixed HW offloaded routing when using 7 or more VLAN interfaces
- l3hw - fixed ICMP message when routed packet exceeds MTU and DF flag is set
- l3hw - fixed bonding source MAC address
- l3hw - fixed default route offloading for CRS305, CRS326-24G-2S+, CRS328, netPower, netFiber devices
- l3hw - improved routing table offloading for CRS305, CRS326-24G-2S+, CRS328, netPower, netFiber devices
- l3hw - improved system stability when using 7 or more VLAN interfaces
- led - fixed LED behavior on Audience
- led - reduced LTE signal LED range to -70
- leds - fixed user LED on RB750Gr3
- log - added warning message when connection tracking table is full
- log - include message also in e-mail body
- lora - fixed "antenna-gain" parameter unit
- lte - add IPv6 address on interface as well
- lte - added 3 APN profile support and APN name re-using on R11e-LTE6
- lte - added MAC address and IPv6 LL address persistence after reboot on EG12 and EG18 modems
- lte - added basic information support for Telit LM960 and LM940 in MBIM mode
- lte - added class based support for configless RNDIS LTE modems
- lte - added support for Uplink CA reporting
- lte - changed "CS/PS" registration type from "both" to "any" on R11e-LTE un R11e-LTE6
- lte - do not loose "band" configuration after reboot on Chateau 5G
- lte - do not show external antenna selector on devices that does not support it
- lte - enabled multi-APN and name re-use support for Chateau
- lte - expose diagnostics channel for all modems
- lte - fixed "monitor" command to not report old info
- lte - fixed AT command response handling on R11e-LTE
- lte - fixed IPv6 address addition after startup on R11e-LTE6
- lte - fixed MBIM modem reset on AT timeout
- lte - fixed link flapping when loosing cellular signal on R11e-LTE un R11e-LTE6
- lte - fixed packet forwarding on R11e-4G and R11e-LTE-US
- lte - fixed possible timeouts when sending SMS in LTE only mode on R11e-LTE
- lte - fixed support for Sierra MC7710
- lte - fixed support for Telit 960
- lte - improved stability on "+EGMR" response in MBIM mode
- lte - improved stability when modem disappears during firmware upgrade
- lte - improved support for sending/receiving SMS in LTE only mode on R11e-LTE6
- lte - made "no" the default value for "use-network-apn" parameter
- lte - properly recognize MBIM modem in USB port as LTE on Chateau 5G
- ntp - allow adding duplicate server address if dynamic entry exists
- ntp - fixed multicast mode support
- ntp - improved IPv6 address support
- ntp - improved service stability when none of the NTP servers are reachable for a while
- ntp - improved source address usage for reply packets
- ntp - print log change time with time-zone applied
- ospf - added "ptmp-broadcast" interface type (compatible with RouterOSv6 PTMP type)
- ospf - convert ospf "static" redistribute to "static,dhcp,modem,vpn" after update from RouterOS v6
- ospf - fixed MD5 authentication
- ospf - fixed NBMA hello's not being sent if priority is set to 0
- ospf - fixed default route origination when "default-originate=if-installed" "redistribute" is enabled
- ospf - fixed default type-3 LSA's not being injected to stub area
- ospf - fixed distance if "originate-default" is set to "always"
- ospf - fixed external LSA not updating after prefix netmask change
- ospf - fixed incorrect LSA types when changing area types
- ospf - fixed neighbor election failure
- ospf - fixed neighbor stuck in ExStart
- ospf - fixed simple authentication
- ospf - general stability improvements
- ospf - improved DB retransmit logging
- ospf - improved logging
- ospf - improved overall stability
- ospf - improved stability for very large LSDB
- ospf - improved stability on OSPFv3 instance disabling
- ospf - improved stability when DR goes down
- ospf - improves stability when handling looped back OSPF packets
- ospf - properly set VRF for gateway
- ospf - send notifies for neighbors
- ovpn - added SHA2 authentication algorithm support
- ovpn - added hardware acceleration support for IPQ4018/IPQ4019 and AL* series chipsets
- ovpn - added option to send disconnect message in UDP mode
- ovpn - fixed large option message parsing
- ovpn - improved UDP session handling
- ovpn - improved memory allocation on Tile in "ethernet" mode
- ovpn - improved system stability in high load scenarios
- pimsm - fixed menu prints
- pimsm - general stability improvements
- poe - fixed PoE driver loading on CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+
- poe - update PoE firmware only on devices that support it
- ppp - added "comment" option for PPPoE servers
- ppp - fixed AT+CPIN chat when SIM PIN is specified
- ppp - improved stability when handling large amount of connections simultaneously
- ppp - show local and remote IPv6 addresses (CLI only)
- pppoe - added option to configure "host-uniq" parameter
- pppoe - added option to ignore PADI messages with empty service name
- pppoe - use default MTU of 1492
- pptp - added insecure connection warning
- pptp - show insecure connection warning on dynamic interfaces
- qsfp - correctly display auto-negotiation status
- queue - fixed queued IPv6 traffic considered as "invalid" by Firewall
- queue - improved system stability when processing traffic
- queue - improved system stability when using more than 255 unique packet marks
- rb4011 - fixed jumbo frame processing on SFP+ port when using 1G module
- rip - added logging
- rip - fixed route metrics
- rip - fixed route redistribution
- rip - use nexthop with interface
- route - allow OSPF and RIP redistributed routes to be matched by routing filters
- route - fixed "min-prefix" configuration when set to 0
- route - fixed "suppress-hw-offload" update
- route - fixed "table" menu emptying after RouterOS upgrade
- route - fixed BGP atomic aggregate value
- route - fixed ECMP load balancing in FastPath
- route - fixed ECMP route removal
- route - fixed route addition to VRF from BGP
- route - fixed router's LSA for PTP networks
- route - fixed routing configuration export on SMIPS devices
- route - general stability improvements
- route - improved routing table print speed
- route - show OSPF and RIP specific attributes in "/routing route" table
- route-filter - fixed "return" action
- route-filter - fixed complex matchers with "|| or and &&"
- route-filter - fixed incorrect invert-match configuration upgrade from RouterOS v6
- route-filter - fixed range conversion after update from RouterOS v6
- route-filters - allow to filter and modify default route if "originate-default" is set to "always"
- route-filters - fixed possible address list race condition and memory leak
- route-filters - renamed "*-set" to "*-list"
- routerboard - fixed "ether2" interface presence on some RBwAPGR devices
- routerboard - fixed WPS button functionality on Audience
- routing - added PCAP viewer tool for BGP advertisements debugging purposes
- routing-filter - fixed "bgp-*-communities-empty" matcher
- rpki - made RPKI verify non-strict, introduces new state "unverified"
- rpki - show expire timer
- sfp - improved SFP module detection on CRS106 and CRS112
- smb - fixed SMB2.0 disk size reporting
- smips - improved RAM allocation
- sms - increased "at-chat" timeout when sending SMS
- snmp - added SFP vendor name to optical table
- snmp - added support for "ipv6AddrPrefixTable" and "ipv6RouteNumber" OID's
- snmp - allow two level nesting for vlan, bonding speed query
- socks - fixed SOCKS5 support
- ssh - fixed forwarding with IPv6 link-local addresses
- ssl - fixed CA certificate processing when "subjAltName" is marked as critical
- supout - added "port-controller" bridge section
- switch - added "rx-overflow" counter for 88E6393X (RB5009) and 88E6191X (CCR2004-16G-2S+) switch chips
- switch - fixed port-isolation misconfiguration detection when using multiple switches
- switch - improved packet forwarding with enabled "cpu-flow-control" setting between different rate interfaces for 88E6393X (RB5009) and 88E6191X (CCR2004-16G-2S+) switch chips
- switch - improved switch chip initialization process on bootup for CCR2004-16g-2s+ devices
- switch - properly limit maximum number of switch rules to 256 on RB5009
- system - fixed license loss on some RB1100Dx4 and RB4011 devices
- tr069-client - accept 200-299 codes for HTTP diagnostics
- tr069-client - added support for 5G band configuration
- tr069-client - added support for wireless "skip-DFS" configuration
- tr069-client - added support for wireless client uptime reporting
- tr069-client - fixed RPC download of "3 Vendor Configuration File" with branding package
- traffic-flow - do not handle NAT events when "nat-events" is disabled
- traffic-generator - fixed transmit speed for multiple asymmetric streams
- upgrade - improved 404 error handling when checking for new versions
- upgrade - improved downgrade prompt message
- ups - fixed UPS support
- usb - fixed display of incorrect port count for USB serial ports
- user - removed obsolete "tikapp" policy
- user - send "Class" attribute in "Accounting Request" when provided by RADIUS
- vlan - fixed improper VLAN priority addition for routed packets
- vxlan - allow unsetting "group" and "interface" properties
- vxlan - fixed running state after reboot when using "interface" and "group" settings
- webfig - do not show side menu if WebFig is disabled by skin
- webfig - fixed default configuration popup presence
- webfig - fixed user policy lookup for skin designer
- wifiwave2 - added "client-isolation" feature
- wifiwave2 - added support for handling disconnect request messages from RADIUS servers
- wifiwave2 - fixed calling "scan" and "frequency-scan" commands through the API
- winbox - added "Disconnect Notify" checkbox to "Interface/OVPN Client" menu
- winbox - added "Freq. Usage" and "Scan" buttons for WifiWave2 interfaces
- winbox - added "Ignore Missing" selector to "System/Packages" menu
- winbox - added "Mode" parameter under "Wireless" menu with WifiWave2 package
- winbox - added "Routing Table" parameter for IPv6 routes
- winbox - added "TLS Version" parameter for "Interface/OVPN"
- winbox - added "VPN" tab to "Routing/BGP" menu
- winbox - added "VRF" parameter for "SSH" and "Telnet" menus
- winbox - added "VRF" parameter to "IP/Services" menu
- winbox - added "comment" parameter to "User Manager/Users" menu
- winbox - added "host-uniq" parameter to PPPoE client interface
- winbox - added MLAG support
- winbox - added SHA256 and SHA512 "Auth" values for OVPN menu's
- winbox - added ZeroTier support
- winbox - added explicit "Upload" and "Download" names for "Bucket Size" parameters under "Queues" menu
- winbox - added interface list support for "IP/Traffic Flow" menu
- winbox - added local/remote CPU load parameters for "Bandwidth Test"
- winbox - added missing "3GGP RAW" parameter under "Interface/Wireless/Interworking Profile" menu
- winbox - added missing "accounting", "interim-update" and "radius-password" parameters under "IP/DHCP Server" menu
- winbox - added support for "Tool/Speedtest" menu
- winbox - added support for W60G align tool
- winbox - allow adding more than 100 tagged/untagged interfaces under "Bridge/VLAN" menu
- winbox - allow configuring "VTEP" under "Interface/VXLAN" menu
- winbox - allow setting "Interface" parameter for 100G LED types
- winbox - changed "Accept Redirects" parameter type under "IPv6/Settings" menu
- winbox - do not require "name" and "file name" parameters for certificate import/export
- winbox - do not show "Antenna Scan" button on devices that do not support it
- winbox - do not show connection tracking table if it has more than 10000 entries
- winbox - fixed "00:00:00" time printing
- winbox - fixed "Switch" menu on Chateau devices
- winbox - fixed "action" field in "IP/Web Proxy/Access" menu
- winbox - fixed "expires-after" certificate parameter value
- winbox - fixed CHR License renewing process
- winbox - fixed address list type parameters in "Routing" menu
- winbox - fixed content filtering in "Tools/Packet Sniffer/Packets" menu
- winbox - fixed entry order in "Tools/Packet Sniffer/Packets" menu
- winbox - fixed error message when adding NTH rule with "0" value
- winbox - fixed minor typo under "LTE" interface menu
- winbox - fixed switch related settings for MT7621 switch chip (hEX, hEX S, RBM33G, RBM11G, LtAP)
- winbox - made "9" the default value for "Target" parameter under "IP/Traffic Flow" menu
- winbox - made "Routing Filters/Rules" table sortable
- winbox - made OSPF interface type names consistent between CLI and GUI
- winbox - moved "IP/Route/Nexthops" and "IPv6/Route/Nexthops" menus to "Routing/Nexthops"
- winbox - moved IPv4 and IPv6 "Rules" menus under "Routing" menu
- winbox - properly limit "Disconnect Timeout" value under "CAPsMAN/Configuration" menu
- winbox - properly save "IPv6/Settings" menu in session file
- winbox - properly show "v" flag instead of "y" under "IP/Route" menu
- winbox - properly update ethernet auto negotiation status on CHR
- winbox - properly update server list under "System/NTP Client/Servers" menu
- winbox - renamed "Keep user configuration" to "Keep users" under "System/Reset Configuration" menu
- winbox - renamed "MBPS" to "Mbps" value unit name in "Tools/Traffic Generator" menu
- winbox - renamed "Revoked" parameter to "Revoked Time" under "System/Certificates" menu
- winbox - report local terminal session as "local" instead of "telnet"
- winbox - require existing pool for "Address Pool" parameter under "IPv6/DHCP Server" menu
- winbox - require non empty "Packet Mark" value under "Queues" menu
- winbox - show "H" flag for offloaded connections in "IP/Firewall/Connections" menu
- winbox - show "Lost Ratio" column by default under "Tools/Traffic Generator" menu
- winbox - show "Routes" column by default under "PPP/Secrets" menu
- winbox - show "System/Health/Settings" only on boards that have configurable values
- winbox - show "System/SwOS" menu only on boards that have dual boot
- winbox - show additional columns by default for "Wireless" menu with WifiWave2 package
- winbox - sort "Address List" parameter values alphabetically in "IP/DHCP Server/Leases" menu
- winbox - updated default "Routing/BGP/Peer Cache" table appearance
- winbox - use "total" as default value for "Tools/Profile"
- wireguard - allow same peer's public key for different interfaces
- wireguard - fixed IPv6 LL address generation
- wireguard - fixed IPv6 traffic processing with multiple peers
- wireguard - made "preshared-key" and "private-key" values sensitive
- wireless - added "3gpp-info" parameter to interworking configuration
- wireless - added EAP-AKA to interworking's realm configuration
- wireless - added information about client signal strength to log messages about disconnections
- wireless - correctly preserve WMM priority when receiving packets
- wireless - fixed frequency range information for IPQ4019 interfaces
- wireless - fixed interface initialization on Metal 2SHPn
- wireless - improved nv2 link stability
- wireless - improved wireless connection stability during background scans
- www - fixed "tls-version" for SSL
- x86 - added support for Intel E810 NIC
- x86 - allow to select disk for install image
- x86 - fixed NVME partition path
- x86 - fixed VLAN tagged packet transmit
- x86 - made "no" the default value for "disable-running-check" ethernet parameter
- x86 - properly distinguish multiple NICs that share the same PCI bus number
- zerotier - fixed IPv6 support
- zerotier - made MAC and MTU values read-only
- zerotier - properly handle IP address change

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2022年4月5日 — It CAN connect and monitor RouterOS device directly. The problem comes with the agent devices which are not the same version. Top.

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2023年9月5日 — The Dude网络监控器是一款出色的网络管理工具。它通过自动搜索指定子网中的所有设备,绘制和生成网络拓扑图,极大地改进了网络管理方式。