最新版本 FreeNAS 11.3 U4

FreeNAS 11.3 U4

FreeNAS 11.3 U4
AxCrypt 與 Windows 無縫集成壓縮,加密,解密,存儲,發送和單個文件的工作。它具有密碼保護任何數量的文件使用強大的加密,右鍵單擊與 Windows 資源管理器集成使得 AxCrypt 是最簡單的方法來加密 Windows 中的單個文件,許多額外的功能,但沒有配置要求,加密文件,安全,方便地發送到其他用戶通過電子郵件或任何其他手段.

為什麼選擇 AxCrypt?

文件安全性與 128 位或 256 位 AES 加密


AxCrypt 會說英語,法語,西班牙語,瑞典語和更多來.

允許其他 AxCrypt 用戶使用自己的密碼打開受保護的文件


自動保護指定文件夾中的新文件 click

注意:包含 AxCrypt Premium 的 30 天試用版,將在您激活帳戶時啟動.

也可用:下載 AxCrypt 為 Mac


檔案版本 FreeNAS 11.3 U4

檔案名稱 FreeNAS-11.3-U4.iso
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 AxCrypt Team
更新日期 2020-07-23

What's new in this version:

- Fix interface rollback on 11.3
- Fix handling recoverable errors
- Treat most of the paramiko errors (e.g. SSH banner errors) as recover…
- webUI states incorrect passphrase but they are correct
- fix typo in hook_license_update
- Fix stdout read
- Mini-XL – 11.2-U8 > 11.3-any Update Fails repeatedly
- Fix TN HA NFS config validation
- CONFIG UPLOAD: uploaded file is not valid
- Samba:s3:winbindd:idmap_ad fix null pointer dereference
- Dashboard Pool widget render error
- Always add server auth extension to default certificate created
- Rsync tasks should not alert as a task failure on non-fatal rsync warnings
- Fix enclosure detection code
- enclosure descriptor key not being parsed in alert
- SMB using LDAP will not start when restoring a configuration on new system
- FreeNAS CA Unable to generate valid certificates for iOS 13 and Catalina and other browsers
- Changing DHCP to static with BPF enabled doesn’t clear IP config completely
- High Memory Utilization
- Cloud Sync to Backblaze B2 fails
- Get rid of swapsize on TrueNAS for data disks
- Donot create swap partition for TN enterprise on pool creation
- Detach option not appearing in pool manager (needed to promote a spare)
- Replication tasks – entire dataset keeps being resent
- AD: split messages from wb_fifo on newline
- Samba:s3:winbindd – append newline to end of status message
- SNMP: FreeNAS MIB tables missing index
- AD: catch and log JSON errors on winbind status pipe
- Recursive Replication via GUI not possible
- Unable to use Active Directory Account for new Rsync Module
- Trivial Screen Display Bug
- CloudSync Task Running on Passive Controller
- Bad NFS exports from older versions makes it difficult to change exports after upgrade
- Enable crash/usage for all products
- s3 service failed to start
- Fix savecore error logging
- release snapshots after zfs hold test
- Oauth Client_ID Invalid in FreeNAS-11.3-U3.2
- ZFS replicate recursive fails: No such file or directory
- Unable to specify OAuth Client ID and Secret for Google Drive and OneDrive Cloud Sync Credentials
- CLONE – Console message window overlays main window – for 11.3
- Update in progress message never goes away and has wrong verbiage
- SSH error messages filling up console during ZFS replication
- Active Directory and SMB Stopped working
- failover.json is not being regenerated after zpool deletion
- Console message window overlays main window
- Enclosure UI Graceful Degradation
- OneDrive Cloud Credentials Creates Token That Expires
- iSCSI Extents device list and enabled checkbox
- Tasks for user root use a different HOME than in interactive session
- popup href not opening in new browser tab
- IOCage jails network failure after upgrade to 11.3-U3.1
- Replication Never Finishes
- UI not honoring custom ports
- Add winacl action to allow restoring ACL from another path
- Kerberos ticket not refreshed
- Inconsistent datetime format in reporting
- Changing zvol should not send unchanged volsize
- Cannot create user starting with a number
- German and English text strings mingled in message after logout
- Some Text In UI don’t show up in the .PO file (11.3-U3.1)
- WebUI is overwriting owner / group information on ACL form submit
- Jails GUI (IP) is not updated after starting/stopping
- Cloud Sync Tasks for gdrive using encryption should show unencrypted dir/files in UI
- Jail MAC ADDRESS validation fails in “Advanced Jail Creation”
- Cron doesn’t behave as cron should
- IPv6 default gateway disappears
- After Update Dashboard is always empty
- Unable to access user directories for home share
- Dashboard not loading
- gateway not updating when updating static route in web ui
- Dashboard does not render when encrypted pools are locked
- Google Team Drives no longer work in 11.3-U3
- iSCSI sharing wizard creates extents with the same serial
- Can’t edit local users in webui in 11.3-U3
- Samba may assign identical RIDs to local users and groups.
- Dashboard checks for updates despite disabling update check
- Cannot generate debug
- Plugin Page Row Expansion
- Not able to delete 600TiB RAIDZ pool
- Failed to check for alert IPMISELSpaceLeft seen while performing RAID operation
- restrict ntpd traffic to configured peers
- changing devfs_ruleset for iocage jails fails
- Netatalk – have netatalk and atalk daemons generate pidfiles
- Admin portal URL is incorrect on post-install popup for NAT plugins
- 80% full critical, 90% warning
- Re-synchronize passdb after disabling LDAP service
- Dashboard Pool Widget displaying chevron_right when selecting Caches Disk
- Unable to save iscsi authorized access
- syslog-ng is binding to all interfaces by default on TN HA
- Some tooltips translations in snapshot-form.ts are not in the po file
- Samba s3:modules:vfs_ixnas – fix automatic dataset creation option
- System crash on XCP-NG (spin lock held too long)
- Replication progress report error
- turn off logg statistics in syslog-ng
- Minio/S3 keeps shutting down in 11.3-u2
- Add used/available properties in pool.dataset.query output
- Cannot join FreeNAS 11.3-U2 to Windows Active Directory, and some troubleshooting commands fail
- Improve formatting and verbosity of AD error messages
- Fix APIv1 for partial account user object update
- proftpd: Broken symlink handling
- Console Spam
- Fix translation in saveConfigFormConf
- Expired snapshots not deleted
- SSH not respecting “Bind interfaces” after system reboot
- Slow & Disk with cleared Corrupt GPT visible but other disk missing in UI
- Unmaximising the browser window makes the menu disappear
- (Chrome) Left pane of WEBUI fails to scroll with mouse set to scroll page/screen at a time
- “Allow Taking Empty Snapshots” results in error “cannot receive: failed to read from stream..”
- “Please wait” spinner does not disappear on SMB edit ACL
- FreeNAS stops responding reclaiming memory
- Remove “Send Deduplicated Stream” option

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