最新版本 MEmu 6.2.3

MEmu 6.2.3

MEmu 6.2.3
MEmu 允許您在 Windows 系統上模擬 Android 環境。幾乎所有的 Windows 設備(PC,筆記本電腦,2 合 1 設備,平板電腦)上運行 MEmu。與其他 Android 模擬器相比,MEmu 提供了最高的性能和最大的兼容性。而且,在你的 Windows 系統上,iEmulate Android 環境具有最豐富的功能:全面的 Android 體驗,優雅的桌面。靈活的定制(CPU#,內存大小,分辨率,設備型號,導航欄位置,根模式)。

搜索鍵盤 / 遊戲桿屏幕觸摸更好的遊戲體驗。將傳感器數據(例如加速計)傳遞給 Android,這樣您就可以直觀地玩遊戲類游戲。 GPS 位置模擬。 Windows 和 Android 之間的文件共享。快速 APK 安裝通過拖放。一鍵安卓系統的創建 / 克隆 / 刪除,你可以同時運行多個 Android 實例。使用 MEmu,您可以在 PC 上玩安卓遊戲。在 Whatsapp,Wechat 中使用鍵盤可以更方便地聊天。觀看現場演出和電視頻道.

MEmu 功能:
全面的 Android 體驗,優雅的桌面靈活的定制(CPU#,內存大小,分辨率,設備型號,導航欄位置和根模式)將鍵盤 / 操縱桿映射到屏幕觸摸更好遊戲體驗通過傳感器數據(例如加速度計)到 Android,所以你可以直觀地玩汽車賽車遊戲 GPS 定位模擬 Windows 和 Android 之間的文件共享通過拖放快速 APK 安裝一鍵式 Android 系統創建 / 克隆 / 刪除,以及你可以同時運行多個 Android 實例


檔案版本 MEmu 6.2.3

檔案名稱 Memu-Installer.exe
檔案大小 2.5 MB
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Microvirt
更新日期 2019-05-22

What's new in this version:

MEmu 6.2.3
- Add support to high FPS mode(up to 120 FPS) (For some games only)
- Move the key guide of PUBG mobile from the sidebar to the game UI
- Optimize the experience of zoom in/out with the mouse wheel
- Fix the issue that occasionally the usage of CPU is abnormally high
- Fix some other tiny bugs

MEmu 6.2.1
- Optimize graphical performance of MEmu
- Optimize initialization time of MEmu
- Optimize speed of download in MEmu
- Optimize the control experience of Free Fir
- Optimize the experience of zoom-in/out function of F2, F3 and mouse wheel (Ctrl + mouse wheel)
- Add support to customization of capacity of instances
- Add support to display coordinates of mouse
- Add support to restore to default settings in keymapping settings
- Add support to disable sleep mode of Windows when MEmu is running
- Add support to set sensitivity of 3D view key
- Add support to lock mouse sensor within MEmu
- Add support to edit imsi and ssid with MEmu
- Increase the maximum number of instances in Multi-MEmu: 2048->8192
- Fix the smart keymapping of Brawl Stars
- Fix some input issues to do with AltGr key
- Fix the build-in recorder’s issue of audio and video are not synchronized
- Fix some occasional Internet connection issues
- Fix the issue that boss key cannot hide FPS display
- Fix compatibility of some apps: Microshare, Puzzle and Dragon, Utopia: Origin
- Fix some other tiny bugs

MEmu 6.1.1
- Fix the occasional black screen issue when switch tab
- Fix the compatibility issue with some screen record software like OBS
- Fix some other tiny bugs

MEmu 6.1.0
- Add support to stick to landscape window
- Add async interface to some MEMUC commands (check details)
- Fix the game compatibility issues with BlackDesert, ToramOnline, Real Racing 3 etc.
- Fix the keymapping compatibility issue with BrawlStars
- Fix the issue of “Alt+@” combo key input failure
- Improve the memory usage of MEmuHeadless
- Improve the loading speed of MEmu
- Fix some other tiny bugs

MEmu 6.0.8
- Change log not available for this version

MEmu 6.0.7
- Change log not available for this version

MEmu 6.0.6
- Increase data disk size up to 64GB
- Improve the function of VM compression
- Improve the function of online upgrade Android 4.4 and 7.1
- Fix an issue of occasional duplicated tab on home page
- Fix an issue of occasional input failure on tablet device
- Fix a game compatibility issue with Brawls Star, Fate Grand Order, Blade&Soul and etc.
- Fix a system compatibility issue with some Windows 7 environment
- Fix some other tiny bugs

MEmu 6.0.5

Change Log:
- Fix an incompatible graphic issue with 3rd-party tool like OBS
- Fix an issue of occasional VM startup failure
- Fix an issue of occasional touch failure on tablet device
- Fix an issue of occasional export/import VM error
- Fix an issue of tab label display error
- Fix some other tiny bugs

- It will take a little bit longer to boot new VM at the first time
- It will take longer to install if you have many existed VMs to overwrite

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