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最新版本 HitFilm Pro 14.1.9605.07202

HitFilm Pro 14.1.9605.07202

HitFilm Pro 14.1.9605.07202
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檔案版本 HitFilm Pro 14.1.9605.07202

檔案名稱 HitFilmPro_x64_14.1.9605.07202.msi
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 LastPass Corp
更新日期 2019-12-11

What's new in this version:

- Right-clicking a VEGAS Image file in the HitFilm media panel now allows you to open the file directly into VEGAS Image for editing
- Added support for 10-bit H.264 video files from the Panasonic GH5
- Hardware accelerated video decoding is now available for Windows systems running AMD graphics cards (PC)

Bug Fixes:
- Composite shot timelines can now be floated out of the main interface
- Motion blur now updates correctly when the framerate of the timeline is increased
- Click+dragging the visibility of multiple layers no longer affects layers on other timelines
- The Recent Effects menu now lists the most recently used effects chronologically from top to bottom
- Selecting an effect in the Favorites folder no longer causes unwanted scrolling in the effects panel
- Creating a new project with the timeline container floated no longer causes stability issues
- Adding an effect to multiple items at once no longer creates multiple items in the history panel
- Launching the software with a Favorited OFX effect not loaded no longer causes stability issues
- The favorites menu for effects is no longer permanently disabled
- Closing HitFilm after using a Video Copilot effect in a previous session no longer causes stability issues. (Mac
- Estimated time to complete exports updates more accurately at the end of export
- Improved rendering of masks on systems with AMD graphics
- Favorited transitions no longer appear in the effects menu
- The effects menu now works for adding effects to the controls panel, as well as to timeline objects
- The export command dialog now auto-populates to the default export directory
- The auto-save dialog no longer appears if the auto-save option is disabled
- Media using a different resolution than the project now renders correctly using downsampled viewer resolutions
- Effects icons are no longer displayed when the native Mac menu bar is used. (Mac
- Improved the rendering of mask curves while the mask is being drawn
- Improved the styling of the background color swatch, in the viewer options menu
- Viewer now correctly recalculates zoom when the project dimensions are changed
- Improved the styling of the effects search popup
- Remove Stock Background now removes white backgrounds more accurately
- Uninstalling Imerge Pro while HitFilm is running now correctly disables the "Open in Imerge..." menu item
- Improved support for video files created by OBS
- Large media previews are downsampled correctly in the viewer, as they are adjusted on the editor timeline
- Resizing the viewer no longer causes an infinite render loop in the zoom menu
- Recent plugins are now remembered when HitFilm is closed and reopened
- MP4 files using a level of 6.1 will now load correctly
- Improved rendering of high resolution files when viewer resolution is set to low quality/resolution profiles
- Reduced the contrast of the checkerboard in the viewer, to reduce distractions from the content
- Adjusted the color of the asset duration bars, which indicate the unused portions of a layer on the timeline
- Improved rendering of the blue box surrounding the viewer when it is the active panel

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