K7 Total Security

最新版本 DS4Windows 3.1.5 (64-bit)

DS4Windows 3.1.5 (64-bit)

DS4Windows 3.1.5 (64-bit)
新的 K7 Total Security 功能為您的 PC 提供強大的多層保護。獨特的 K7 Cerebro 掃描技術能夠快速檢測出最有效的惡意軟件威脅,同時對未來的威脅採取主動的檢測和響應方法,確保全面的安全。下載 K7 Total Security Offline Installer 安裝程序!

A 超高速,令人難以置信的智能掃描算法來檢測實時新興威脅,並預測未來的惡意軟件攻擊。通過確保網上銀行網站,支付服務和在線購物網站在線交易期間的完整保護,電子商務運營更安全。用戶在網站上輸入的密碼,銀行賬戶憑證等個人信息仍然安全無法查找。下載 K7 Total Security 離線安裝程序安裝程序!限制訪問互聯網,遊戲,應用程序和網站可以實現。可以控製文件下載,並可以防止信用卡信息,郵件憑據等私人數據的傳輸。

K7 Total Security 產品特點:
兒童可以探索網絡世界,而不會危及自​​己的虛假用戶和不良網站。家長可以禁止暴力和成人相關網站等不適當的內容出現。自動掃描插入的 USB 媒體,並防止惡意自動運行。使用低存儲空間,系統性能不受影響。清理系統並自動刪除由惡意軟件感染引起的所有有害更改。掃描文件以查找隱藏的惡意軟件,並阻止受感染的文件。社交網絡變得有趣和安全。注:30 天試用版.


檔案版本 DS4Windows 3.1.5 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 DS4Windows_3.1.5_x64.zip
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 K7 Computing Pvt Ltd.
官網 https://www.k7computing.com/eng/home-users/k7-totalsecurity.html
更新日期 2022-09-23

What's new in this version:

- Razer Raion Fightpad PS4 to known devices
- AutoProfile target EXE to Hidhide
- Auto-Profile Target to HidHide's Whitelist
- reference to Nefarius.Utilities.DeviceManagement package
- Filename to LogDebug when adding/removing EXE entry for HIDHide's whitelist
- initial support for updated ViGEmBus DS4 full output payload (rumble + lightbar) support. Requires latest pre-release ViGEmBus driver (AwaitRawOutputReport calls) to work

- wrong UI binding used for RSAntiSnapback
- Hip Fire Delay settings not saving
- preset option using wrong preset
- Flick Stick Min Angle settings not saving
- LF byte for rumble frequency with Switch Pro and JoyCon

- German translation
- NLog package to version 5.0.4
- H.NotifyIcon.Wpf package to version 2.0.64
- bundled ViGEm.NET libraries
- Set DualSense's Lightbar to white when stopping DS4Windows
- Hardened virtual device check using Nefarius.Utilities.DeviceManagement package. New check detects and skips reWASD created virtual DS4 controllers
- Driver Installer window to link to HidHide 1.2.98
- Display XInput slot num in output slots panel
- README file with updated instructions and pictures
- Activated Improved Rumble Emulation for DualSense controllers using newer firmware. Set DualSense's default rumble strength level to High
- Increased max amplitude for Switch Pro rumble. Increases max rumble output

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