GridinSoft Anti-Malware

最新版本 GitKraken 6.5.1 (64-bit)

GitKraken 6.5.1 (64-bit)

GitKraken 6.5.1 (64-bit)
GridinSoft Anti-Malware 是現代的強大的解決方案,不斷提供援助成千上萬的客戶擺脫惡意軟件。它快速有效地完成工作。您不必花費數小時從“不需要的客人”手動清潔您的台式電腦。 GridinSoft Anti-Malware 幫助在困難的情況下,知名和復雜的防病毒產品卡住了。 GridinSoft Anti-Malware 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完全離線設置安裝程序的 GridinSoft Anti-Malware.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware 特點:

輕鬆地消除了任何偷偷摸摸的惡意軟件。 GridinSoft Anti-Malware 幫助知名和復雜的防病毒產品卡住的困難情況.


從 $ 29.95 開始最終的反惡意軟件武器。靈活的定價允許獲得強大的安全保護,只需 $ 29.95 為 6 個月許可證.


注意:15 天試用版。試用版可以發現威脅,但如果發現兩個以上威脅,則無法將其移除.


檔案版本 GitKraken 6.5.1 (64-bit)

檔案名稱 GitKrakenSetup.exe
檔案大小 114 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 GridinSoft
更新日期 2020-01-28

What's new in this version:

GitKraken 6.5.1 (64-bit)
- If the GitKraken application crashes, it will now automatically relaunch

GitKraken 6.5.0 (64-bit)
- GitHub Users now have the ability to fork repositories from inside the GitKraken application. Now, when adding a remote, GitKraken will check to see if a fork exists for your current repository. If a fork does exist, GitKraken will offer to add your fork as a remote repository; if a fork does not already exist, GitKraken will provide an option to fork the repository and add a newly created fork as a remote in GitKraken.
- GitKraken now supports core.longpaths, making it possible for Windows users to work with long paths exceeding 259 characters in length.

- Some said it was too spoon to go for another performance improvement...but for fork’s sake, we just had to do it. And with reduced memory consumption and application size, you have more room on your plate for the good stuff.
- Application startup time for GitKraken has improved, making it up to 10% faster
- Memory consumption for GitKraken has been reduced by up to 20%
- The application size for GitKraken has been reduced by up to 30%
- We have added a loading icon to the left panel when adding a remote

Bug fixes:
- Please forkive us for these bugs...they were preventing us from providing our knifest experience possible
- If the left panel is collapsed, users can open all menu options
- All rows will be styled correctly in Interactive Rebase view

- Enterprise users running on Linux now have an option to Check for latest update in the File menu

GitKraken 6.4.1 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- If stashes are created externally, users can now view the content of those stashes inside of GitKraken
- Creating branches titled constructor or toString will no longer cause repositories to become invisible
- GPG users using Git for Windows with non-empty passphrases will be prompted for their GPG passphrase instead of seeing the message: Error: GPG passphrase not found
- Git Hook activity log tabs will no longer display the word Repository

GitKraken 6.4.0 (64-bit)
- A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...was a Git GUI without activity logs
- Introducing Activity Log! Users can now view all Git actions made to repositories and all application actions made in GitKraken through activity logs. Access this feature through the new icon in the footer toolbar
- To access the activity log for a repository, navigate to the repo’s tab and click the icon. You will then see any Git actions made in the repo listed in chronological order on the tab titled Repository
- To access the activity log of local application changes made in GitKraken, click the icon. You will then see all application changes listed in chronological order on the tab titled Application
- The progress of Git hooks can also be tracked through activity logs. All Git hooks within the repository's log contain a clickable link where you can click to view the hook’s output in a separate tab

- We polished our lightsabers and dusted off our droids to make these improvements your new reality
- The appearance of the dropdown menu that displays when selecting a repository to clone has been improved for consistency
- We have added additional context to the error message that displays when opening a pull request with a remote ref that doesn’t exist
- Commit author names are now displayed on hover above commit nodes in the graph instead of below them

bug fixes:
- We built up a Resistance to these unwanted bugs
- When opening GitKraken, if the most recent tab is not a Glo Boards tab, and the user switches to or opens a new Glo tab, the Glo Board is now correctly in focus
- Commit search now closes upon opening the Fuzzy Finder
- Editing a file to a previous state no longer creates an empty WIP node
- Users cannot use keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + F to search commits when the graph is blocked by a prompt for input (as search results would not be visible behind the prompt’s display box)
- The button on a new tab now works as expected
- Bitbucket remote origins now correctly display their name instead of displaying undefinied
- GitLab users can view and create pull requests from repositories in subgroups
- Users will be appropriately directed to Account Management in the application after clicking during the free trial period
- Users will no longer be prevented from interacting with collapsed left panel items
- Users with multiple profiles can now successfully delete the first profile created from that account
- Folders will be created when cloning a repository on Windows

GitKraken 6.3.1 (64-bit)
- We brought in Gomez and Morticia to class this place up with some supernatural improvements
- Users now have the ability to force push tags. The action will trigger a warning message
- Pushing a tag to all remotes is faster

Bug Fixes:
- MacOS Catalina users can access the terminal option
- Initializing a repository inside of GitKraken no longer causes an empty screen to display
- Interacting with a remote host or proxy that is self-signed will no longer cause the error message: Failed to get server certificate: The handle is in the wrong state for the requested operation
- Users can successfully checkout a submodule change where the URL has been modified

GitKraken 6.3.0 (64-bit)
- No need to hold a séance, this new search feature will help you conjure those spirits. Uncle that you?
- Users can now associate Glo cards with pull requests created from within the GitKraken Git Client. When creating a new pull request, simply search for the Glo card you wish to associate. The pull request description will then be updated to include a link to said card. Better yet, if you’ve set up the GitHub pull request integration, you can trigger an automatic change to progress your card to a new column the moment your PR status changes
- Users can now control the max number of commits that display in your graph. Navigate to Preferences → General and set a value for Max Commits in Graph. You will also see an option to Show All Commits in Graph

- We brought in Gomez and Morticia to class this place up with some supernatural improvements
- Users can now resize the text field to amend commit messages, and the Update Message and Cancel Amend buttons are now closer to the text field
- SSH keys using the OpenSSH format are now supported

Bug Fixes:
- With Lurch’s help, we’ve banished these bugs back to the cemetery
- Users can successfully drag-and-drop remote references to generate the menu option to start a pull request
- Users can switch tabs without the operation feeling sluggish
- Initials will correctly display inside of Blame View instead of Gravatar images when the Display author initials instead of avatars option is selected
- Keyboard shortcuts for Glo will now work after switching to a Glo tab
- If Glo is unreachable from the GitKraken Client, the application will correctly timeout and show an error message instead of hanging indefinitely

GitKraken 6.2.1 (64-bit)
- The headless horseman is on the move...and all that’s left of Ichabod Crane is a shattered pumpkin
- Users can now enter a detached HEAD state by clicking the commit you wish to checkout and selecting Checkout this commit

- The editor line endings preference will only apply to new files created in GitKraken

Bug Fixes:
- Users can successfully clone a repository with a space in the name over HTTPS when using the Azure DevOps integration
- The initialize submodule prompt will work properly after cloning a repository with submodules
- Unstaged diffs for submodules will display accurately
- Loading a diff will no longer cause the application to crash

GitKraken 6.2.0 (64-bit)
- The country might be small, but its fortunes large. Trust us, this new GitKraken feature calls for a top-shelf martini
- The GitKraken merge conflict tool and built-in code editor have been updated with performance improvements affecting scrolling, output editing, and conflict line selection. The GitKraken merge tool now utilizes Monaco Editor, the same editor found in VS Code, which gives users the ability to independently search within the three separate conflict windows using the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + F. Extra gold for Paid users: the code editor’s output now has auto-complete capability

- These latest improvements to the GitKraken Git Client are shocking...positively shocking
- Significant UI improvements have been made to the commit panel, including more recognizable file status icons, easier view of file names, and more
- Escape guarding has been added to the Pull Request panel. Now, if you add text in any field on the PR template form, you will not be able to close the panel without clicking the X button at the top right of the panel
- Users can again push a tag after it has been moved locally
- GitKraken will now select the WIP node instead of the HEAD node when detecting a merge conflict

Bug Fixes:
- Because a world with these bugs is not enough… M’s order
- Date and time settings set by the user will now be respected
- When trying to pop a stash created from outside of GitKraken, users will no longer receive an error message
- If the commit message is empty, the create commit keyboard shortcut will no longer create a commit
- Unless the diff view has been focused, Esc will close the diff views
- Creating a workflow with the same file name as an existing workflow will no longer close the GitHub Actions panel
- The Ignore and stop tracking feature will now correctly remove the ignored file from the index
- When editing a file inside of GitKraken using our code editor, a user’s line ending preference will apply the correct line ending
- When merging two conflicting branches, the correct commit message will now be generated
- Users no longer need to hit the Save button twice when closing the merge conflict tool

GitKraken 6.1.4 (64-bit)
- Stashing time has been improved for stashing staged files

Bug Fixes:
- Users can again create a remote repository and clone it using an integration
- The Commit Search will return expected results when a stem word is queried

- The option to Sign in with GitHub has been removed
- The Linux Enterprise Client will now update properly

GitKraken 6.1.3 (64-bit)
- The Electron cache now clears automatically with each update to ensure Glo tabs load correctly

GitKraken 6.1.1 (64-bit)
Bug fixes:
- Users behind an authenticated proxy will now see a prompt for their credentials inside of the Release Notes & Glo tabs
- Renamed the duplicate option under Preferences → Authentication back to GitLab (Self-Managed)

GitKraken 6.1.0 (64-bit)
- Get out your magnifying glass and prepare to search like you never have before, Detective
- Users can now easily search inside the graph for commits by message, author, or SHA. Access this feature with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + F or click on the toolbar’s search icon. While searching, use Enter or ↓ to view the next result in the graph, or Shift + Enter or ↑ to view the previous result
- New GitHub Actions integration! Users can now add, edit, and delete GitHub Actions workflows inside of GitKraken. The GitHub Actions section will appear in the left panel for repositories with a GitHub upstream or any repository with the .github/workflows directory. Choose from several workflow templates to get started

- We might not have a thunderstone, but we’ve leveled-up GitKraken with these improvements
- The integration tabs under Preferences → Authentication have been changed to a vertical layout
- The merge conflict warning when opening a pull request will now display a list of conflicted files
- An un-bundled version of GitKraken’s strings file has been added. Users can edit/replace for use in non-officially supported languages
- More Keif avatars have been added to profiles
- An option has been added to the Fuzzy Finder to view GitKraken release notes

Bug Fixes:
- Our small yellow friend helped us thunder shock these bugs into oblivion
- Users will no longer encounter the error message caused by .gitignore negation rules, Checkout failed: error matching pattern due to .gitignore, when checking out a branch
- Users can now change the project group name casing when renaming a project group
- When initiating a push and pull request through the context menu, the Pull Request panel will now appear once the local branch has finished pushing to your remote
- The reset branch context menu will now perform as expected after dragging a branch onto another reference in the graph
- We (really) have fixed an issue with authentication for Bitbucket servers when the username is an email address

GitKraken 6.0.1 (64-bit)
- It might take some time to get used to these new powers features, but we’re confident you’ll be shooting webs from your hands in no time
- This one’s for you Aunt May. Users can now configure location notifications in GitKraken by going to Preferences -> UI Preferences -> Notification Location
- The message box for commits is now resizeable
- Users can now use the keyboard shortcut Shift + J (or Shift + ↓) to jump to the parent commit of a selected commit
- Similarly, users can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift + K (or Shift + ↑) to jump to the child commit of a selected commit. No webs required

- Like Spidey’s new suit, it’s as if Stark himself helped with these technical improvements
- The Fuzzy Finder will now filter search results based on frequency of function use
- When you hover over an author/committer name, a tooltip of their email address will display in the commit panel
- A caps lock warning notification will now appear in all password input fields
- A tooltip has been added to Project Groups to display the directory path

Bug Fixes:
- We got some help from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to control the GitKraken bug population
- Now, if there is a corrupt reference in the repository, the graph and its branches will still display
- The Commit Changes context menu and button options for submodules will now work properly
- GitKraken will no longer take an extended time to timeout when switching to a tab with an inaccessible remote repository
- Users can now focus the Fuzzy Finder search box by selecting the search commit icon
- Extra new tabs will no longer generate when relaunching GitKraken if you have the Remember Tabs setting disabled
- The Mac keyboard shortcut Cmd + Q will quit GitKraken if Glo is open
- Bitbucket Server users who have email addresses for their usernames can now successfully integrate their repositories
- Merge commits will no longer have unknown authors if the global gitconfig has no email address
- The appropriate branch will now appear in the working directory when performing a branch checkout through the command line

GitKraken 6.0.0 (64-bit)
- No need to keep Tabs on this journey. Launch systems are a go. 3. 2. 1…...
- TABS...sip, ah. The speed and performance improvements involved in v6.0 has finally made switching between multiple repos in the form of tabs possible! Users can also use Tabs to switch between repos and Glo Boards.
- If a merge conflict exists between your source and the target branch, a Merge Conflict Detected! error message will now directly appear in the pull request template panel when attempting to initiate a pull request

- Like a Nascar pit crew, our team spruced up the physical performance of GitKraken to achieve peak racing form. Prepare for lightspeed
- The startup time of GitKraken is up to 2.3x as fast
- The application size has been reduced by approximately 100MB for MacOS users
- It will feel like taking a Buggati for a spin. Checkout in LFS is now 14x as fast
- Newly created pull requests will display much faster
- Toast notifications have been moved from the upper right corner to the lower left corner of the central UI to avoid blocking important information
- File History and Blame views load up to 20x as fast! Top that Usain

Bug Fixes:
- Flash! We’ve zapped these slow pokes out the way
- Users will no longer encounter the error message Cannot read property isGitHookError of undefined when finishing a release branch through GitFlow
- Commits will no longer appear detached from their respective branch if a child commit’s date is older than the parent’s commit date
- Self-hosted remote services with a domain containing a custom port or path will now be supported through GitKraken’s integration feature
- All folders in Tree View can now be expanded
- When using the integration, duplicate repositories will no longer appear in the clone menu
- When using the Azure DevOps integration, repositories will be listed alphabetically on the clone menu
- Users with their autoCRLF set to input will no longer have line endings converted to CRLF when resolving a conflict
- Submodules will no longer be not initialized after discarding submodule changes
- Commit message text now wraps correctly inside of the commit message box

Several GPG-related bug fixes have been applied, including:
- All merge conflicts will now be signed after selecting the Sign commits by default checkbox
- The error notification message will be more descriptive when attempting to generate a GPG key with a name not provided in a user’s profile
- If using older versions of GPG, users will no longer encounter a gpg: invalid option --pinentry-mode error notification
- Annotated tags on Windows will now be correctly signed

GitKraken 5.0.4 (64-bit)
- Resolved an issue that prevent GitKraken from opening on RHEL & CentOS

GitKraken 5.0.3 (64-bit)

- Y’all ready for this? Users may now resize the reference column inside the graph
- Whoop there it is: Favorite repositories are just a keyboard shortcut away. By typing CTRL/CMD + 1/2/3/etc, you will open your favorite repos in the corresponding order
- We know you have that favorite TuneSquid player... Users are now able to reorder favorite repositories
- C'mon, check it out, y'all ready to jam? We added a search filter to the repository management modal

- No more flagrant fouls! Spell-checking has been added to the support and feedback forms
- By typing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M, users now have the ability to focus the commit message box. Nothin’. But. Net

Bug Fixes:
- Bitbucket Server users will no longer experience an indefinite hang when opening a pull request or initializing a new repository. Sorry, hang time isn’t allowed on the GitKraken floor
- What’s up doc? The hide/show all tags context menu will now correctly hide and show annotated tags
- NOT. TODAY. Mr. Swackhammer… Commits made with an email address that doesn’t match your GPG key email address will no longer display as trusted
- Keif with the assist! GitKraken now supports different locales of GPG when signing a commit
- Initializing an LFS submodule will no longer cause GitKraken to crash. No more busted brackets workflows around here
- Alley-oop! Performing a pull on a repository with submodules configured with SSH should now correctly update the submodule

GitKraken 5.0.2 (64-bit)
- The error toast Cannot read property 'hostname' of undefined should no longer appear when doing git operations with a SSH key that has a passphrase

GitKraken 5.0.1 (64-bit)
- Rebasing a branch while a WIP node is present will no longer cause GitKraken to get stuck on a loading screen

GitKraken 4.2.2 (64-bit)
- For those of you that didn’t appreciate Inception, we resolved an issue with duplicate repository names appearing in the breadcrumb list when a submodule had the same name as a recently opened repository
- What good is a Blame button when there’s nobody to blame? The History and Blame buttons will now only appear for appropriate files
- We all want to feel welcome, but Keif was getting a little carried away… Now, when opening a repository from the CLI using the -p argument, GitKraken will open the repository instead of the welcome screen
- The History and Blame buttons will no longer throw the error: “File path to get history is required.”
- The error message “GitUrlParse.default.stringify is not a function” will no longer appear when cloning or pushing from a TFS instance

GitKraken 4.2.1 (64-bit)

- GitKraken now ships with a .rpm option for easy installation on CentOS, RHEL, or Fedora
- Two helper processes in GitKraken have been removed. This will reduce GitKraken’s memory consumption
- The keyboard shortcut to open history view has now been changed to Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + H to not interfere with the “Hide” option on MacOS
- The error message for creating a branch that conflicts with a branch directory is more clear

Bug Fixes:
- The Edit on Bitbucket Server button should no longer take users to a 404 page on Windows
- Linux users should now be able to open their terminal from GitKraken
- The Fuzzy Finder and Repository Management modal will now correctly close with the Esc key if no repository is open
- Repositories under a private group on will have their avatar render as the GitLab logo instead of a blank image
- Diffs for rebased commits will no longer display out of order
- The Open with GitKraken context menu option on Windows should now open GitKraken instead of throwing an error message
- The blame & history buttons will no longer appear for untracked files

GitKraken 4.2.0 (64-bit)

- The VSTS integration has been renamed to Azure DevOps and now supports the new URL format (in addition to the older VSTS format)
- You can now access File History and the Blame view from a file’s diff view

Several keyboard shortcuts have been added:
- Fetch (Ctrl/Cmd + L)
- Create a Branch (Ctrl/Cmd + B)
- Open File History in the Fuzzy Finder (Ctrl/Cmd + H)
- A filter bar has been added to the right panel when View all files is selected
- Hovering over a merge commit will now display a tooltip with the commit author’s name
- Hovering over a stash will now display a tooltip with the full name
- Hovering over a repository, branch, or file name will display a tooltip with the full path and name
- When discarding changes to an individual file, the prompt will now display the file name
- The branch “ahead” and “behind” icons have been changed to improve visibility
- The pull request description field can now be expanded
- A filter has been added to the keyboard shortcuts window. This window can be accessed using Ctrl/Cmd + /

Bug Fixes:
- Initializing GitFlow on a repository with an existing local develop branch will no longer throw an error, Failed initializing Git Flow is not a function
- Lines that would connect reference labels to a commit should no longer appear in the graph if the reference label is hidden
- Launching a terminal from GitKraken will no longer set the NODE_ENV variable to production

GitKraken 4.1.1 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

GitKraken 4.1.0 (64-bit)
- Change log not available for this version

GitKraken 4.0.6 (64-bit)
- Linux users may now notice that there are four builds of GitKraken
- Fedora, CentOS, & RHEL users should utilize the .tar.gz built for Ubuntu LTS 18.04+

Bug Fixes:
- GitKraken will no longer crash on Fedora 28 if a repository that has a SSH remote is opened or cloned
- Resolved an issue that caused the submodule sliding panel to be much more narrow than intended
- Users should now be able to correctly clear out the clone and initialize input fields

GitKraken 4.0.5 (64-bit)
- Readded editor setting to change the font family. Changing this setting will alter the font in the Diff, File, History, & Blame Views

GitKraken 4.0.4 (64-bit)
- Bug Fixes: Temporarily removed editor setting to change the font family to prevent GitKraken from crashing for some users

GitKraken 4.0.3 (64-bit)
- Added editor settings to change the font size and family. This setting is located under Preferences → Editor Preferences
- Added a setting to remember the last opened repository on startup. This setting is located under Preferences → General
- Added an editor setting and Fuzzy Finder option to toggle syntax highlighting on and off. This setting is located under Preferences → Editor Preferences
- Added a context menu option to delete all branches within a branch folder (local branches only)
- Added the ability to change theme from the Fuzzy Finder

- Using the stage all and unstage all keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + S & Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + U) will now select the WIP node
- Disabled several keyboard shortcuts when no repository is open
- In the repository management window under the recently opened tab, a browse button has been added if there are no recently opened repositories available
- When viewing a file, Ctrl/Cmd + W will close the file instead of closing the whole repository
- When performing a Fetch or Pull, the text under the loading icon will now reflect which action is being performed
- The prompt to notify a file has been modified externally has been reworked and improved
- The sliding panels for Git Flow, Remotes, Pull Requests, and Submodules have been expanded

Bug Fixes:
- For users, context menus will now be generated for the currently checked out commit
- Tooltips should no longer linger when clicking buttons in the top toolbar
- Unstaging the last hunk of a file would sometimes cause that file not to appear in the unstaged list. This has been fixed
- Esc will once again close the PR panel
- The graph will no longer disappear after creating or editing a file inside of GitKraken
- Resolved an issue that would cause the File View to blank out when staging new additions to a file
- When using Glo inside of GitKraken, Ctrl/Cmd + / will no longer open both GitKraken and Glo’s keyboard shortcut menus
- The discard button should no longer cause the commit panel to shift when multi-selecting files in the staging/unstaging panes

GitKraken 4.0.2 (64-bit)
- When viewing a diff, users may now highlight lines to be staged, unstaged and discarded
- We changed the appearance of the Push and Pull icons. The new icons should no longer cause users' eyes to bleed
- Removed the Blame option for binary files
- Staging files quickly will no longer display a File contents are unchanged message
- Removed several actions from the Fuzzy Finder when no repository is open

Bug Fixes:
- The Stage all changes button should correctly appear after hitting the Mark all resolved button during a conflict
- An error toast will no longer appear after navigating to a commit from File History
- An error toast will no longer appear after switching to File View when viewing the diff of a submodule
- When creating a Feature, Hotfix, or Release branch in Git Flow, the text will now appear correctly in the input field
- After saving a file in the editor, the top toolbar will no longer flash like a strobe light
- The tooltip for hosting service icons, on the new landing page, will now correctly display the service's name instead of GitHub

GitKraken 4.0.1 (64-bit)
Bug Fixes:
- "...a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something." The edit profile modal has been cleaned up
- "Choice. The problem is choice." There will now be a default diff view mode selected

GitKraken 3.6.6 (64-bit)
- Addresses the git vulnerabilities identified in CVE-2018-10887 and CVE-2018-10888

Bug Fixes:
- Windows users experiencing an Assertion Failed! error for git_revwalk_hide should no longer receive this error

- v3.6.6 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

GitKraken 3.6.5 (64-bit)
- Addresses the git vulnerabilities identified in CVE-2018-10887 and CVE-2018-10888

Bug Fixes:
- Windows users experiencing an Assertion Failed! error for git_revwalk_hide should no longer receive this error

- V3.6.5 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

GitKraken 3.6.4 (64-bit)
- There are never too many places to add help instructions, so keyboard shortcuts are now accessible from the help menu.
- Like a veteran camera man tracking a through ball, checking out a branch through the Fuzzy Finder will now scroll the branch into view.
- users with private remote repositories will now display a placeholder icon instead of a blank box...a keeper, if you will.

Bug Fixes:
- Hopefully we've fixed this one for good! Resolving merge conflicts on Windows should no longer result in the file getting CRLF line endings.
- On Windows, selecting View all Files when viewing a commit diff should correctly display in Tree View. Or, if you're watching Mexico play, El Tri view.
- Two World Cups games at the same time: Awesome; Two scroll bars at the same time: terrible. Long commit messages will no longer have double scroll bars when viewing the diff of a file.
- Can you imagine if two goals by the same player canceled each other out? A Pull Request with the same name as an existing Pull Request will now display, instead of appearing blank.
- Accurate passing is key to any match. When opening a Pull Request in GitKraken, using Tab will now jump to the next field instead of selecting users or labels from the dropdown menu.
- Pushing is grounds for a yellow card, so repositories with long names will no longer overflow in the repository bread-crumb menu.

- Like a super sub fresh off the bench, Enterprise clients that are launched in an offline environment should load significantly faster.

GitKraken 3.6.3 (64-bit)
- This release addresses the git vulnerability that was recently identified in CVE-2018-11235
- GitKraken is not susceptible to CVE-2018-11233

GitKraken 3.6.2 (64-bit)
Bug Fixes:
- Hashtags are not just a commenting device: lesson learned. Commit messages with a # will now only be commented out if the new comment option is enabled in your Preferences > Commit Template settings
- Discarding or resetting an untracked or renamed file will no longer throw an error, especially since the action completes successfully

- v3.6.2 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

GitKraken 3.6.1 (64-bit)
- You may now disable spell check from Preferences > UI Preferences, and of course tell everyone about your spelling bee championship at Lincoln Elementary

Bug Fixes:
- If you installed the Linux .deb package recently, you may have noticed that GitKraken was not installed into your system path. We fixed that by pointing Keif back to the proper location

- We popped the hood and made a change that allow more memory allocatation when syncing with large LDAP environments

GitKraken 3.6.0 (64-bit)
Mission Control, we are a go for total pull request management! Users can now do the following when creating a pull request through GitKraken: & GitHub Enterprise:
- Add assignees
- Add reviewers
- Add labels & GitLab Self-hosted:
- Add an assignee
- Add labels
- Is your pull request go for launch? GitHub users: GitKraken will now display the status of pull requests in the left panel. Hovering over a pull request will provide a summary of information on a build’s status
- Typos can be costly, so we’ve added spell checking to the commit message box, pull request panel, and the commit template field
- Quickly propel yourself into your repo folder from the new file menu option that allows you to open your repository folder in your default file manager
- You can also use the keybind Alt + O.
- Reduce the drag on your graph by using the new context menu option to Hide all tags

- Looking for more pull request info on the fly? Tooltips for open pull requests have been redesigned and should be easier to read
- GitKraken will now display tag annotations. Let everyone know how amazing your code is
- Selecting the button from the Clone window will now take users to the hosting service tab instead of the general authentication tab
- Switch repos at light speed! Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + O now opens the Fuzzy Finder with the open repo option preselected

Bug Fixes:
- You shouldn’t be faulted for writing a thorough commit message, so we resolved an issue that prevented users from accessing their submodules if the last commit message was very long
- Amending a commit message using the commit keyboard shortcut should properly amend the commit instead of creating a new one
- We managed to fit this one in: long branch names will no longer go off of the Git Flow panel
- [GitLab Self-Hosted] users: Initializing a public repository through GitKraken would actually make the repository private; this has now been fixed
- We’re all for resolving conflicts, especially ones that aren’t really there. For repositories on FAT32 or NTFS drives, GitKraken should now correctly checkout the branch instead of throwing conflict errors

GitKraken 3.5.1 (64-bit)
- Bug Fixes: GitKraken should now be able to connect to GitLab self-hosted servers with self-signed certificates, again

GitKraken 3.5.0 (64-bit)
- Presto! Commit message D-N-A! You can now create commit message templates for each of your repositories
- For those times when you can’t network eight connection machines and debug two million lines of code all on your own, GitKraken will now display co-authored commits

- Looking for that perfect iteration? We’ve added a context menu option to copy a commit SHA
- Buried repos should stay buried; so GitKraken will no longer display archived GitLab repositories in the clone window
- Since you can’t discard and stage hunks when viewing the diff of an untracked, removed, or renamed file, we’ve eliminated the temptation by removing those buttons
- We consulted a mathematician and fixed the selection algorithm for unstaged/staged files, so it now respects Z-A sorting
- Must code faster, must code faster! GitKraken will now perform an LFS pull after a clone or submodule initialization, when necessary
- You don’t always have to force reboot the system, but you might need to force push some commits. For VSTS users, force pushing to a branch when you do not have the force push permission enabled will now provide a more detailed error message

Bug Fixes:
- That is one big pile of commits. The squash option should now appear after rebasing commits
- Life...finds a way... Just like Keif has found a way to fetch PRs from a repository that is in a nested group on GitLab
- T-Rex is much shorter, but we realize you can’t always abbreviate. Profiles with long email addresses and names should no longer be cut off in the dropdown menu
- Nuh-uh-uh, you didn’t say the magic word! The Repository Management window will no longer freeze up after removing an account from the initialize repository form
- WIP changes shouldn’t go extinct. Starting a new Gitflow branch would cause some WIP changes to vanish—that should no longer happen
- Commit selection shouldn’t have to be explained by chaos theory. So Shift + click between two commits should now select all commits in between the selection instead of randomly omitting a few

GitKraken 3.4.1 (64-bit)
- Bug Fixes: GitKraken should no longer throw the following error when fetching pull requests from VSTS: Fetching pull requests failed. A project name is required in order to reference a git repository by name

GitKraken 3.4.0 (64-bit)
- From the depths, a magical window has opened! GitKraken now integrates with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)! GitKraken Pro feature - Upgrade now to access!

- We like to Add/Remove Programs, too, so GitKraken now supports Araxis and P4Merge as external diff/merge tools
- For the hover explorers out there, a tooltip has been added to the green check mark in the left panel

Bug Fixes:
- Integration help links will now send you to the correct support page instead of a 404 page...and it wasn’t even the fun 404 page; our apologies!
- Resolved an issue that prevented GitKraken from opening repositories that had a tag named X. You probably figured it was the ‘X’ tag in your repo, huh
- Toss those unwanted hunks out the window with confidence! Discarding hunks on Windows will no longer add LF line endings to a file with CRLF endings

- Beta Feature: GitKraken Enterprise can now be configured to use LDAP as an alternative authentication method

GitKraken 3.3.4 (64-bit)
- You might see a shiny new menu button. Only click it if you're ready to Glo!

- When discarding a single file through the context menu, you’ll now see a confirmation prompt: also known as the ohnoididntmeantoclickthat prompt

GitKraken 3.3.3 (64-bit)
- Keif’s New Year’s resolution was to be less secretive. So, hovering over a repository in the breadcrumb menu will now display a tooltip with the repository’s full path.

- After some year-end reflection, Keif decided that when staging or unstaging from a list of files, GitKraken will now select the next item in the list instead of selecting the first file in the list.

Bug Fixes:
- The feedback and support forms should no longer feel laggy when writing in the subject field… We do want your feedback, we promise
- Scrolling through the Fuzzy Finder with your mouse wheel should now work as intended and not—you know—erase the results and act all weird
- Making changes requires commit-ment, so we resolved an issue that prevented some users from entering a commit message after popping a stash
- After staging, unstaging, or discarding all hunks and lines for a given file, GitKraken will no longer get stuck on a loading icon when trying to display the next diff. New year, new kraken! Keif will move on. ??
- To make a change, you need to start from the beginning. So when editing a submodule’s URL, the cursor will no longer jump to the end of the URL
- Wiki repos on GitLab are special. We know this now, and GitKraken will no longer display a “Fetching pull requests failed” toast when performing a fetch on a GitLab self-hosted Wiki repository

GitKraken 3.3.2 (64-bit)
Bug Fixes :
- Users running Git hooks on OSX High Sierra may now commit. We've figured out our commitment issues

- v3.3.2 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

GitKraken 3.3.1 (64-bit)
- Lost in a holidaze of commits? There's now a Fuzzy Finder shortcut to view working directory changes

- For our ambitious GitLab integration users with more than 100 repositories, you should now be able to see all repositories
- feature/cantremember? When creating a branch or tag, GitKraken will now leave the input field open if you navigate to a different window
- We removed some of the...grey areas (sigh) by replacing the greyed-out placeholder text with actual placeholder text in the Clone and Init repository windows
- We know everyone loves a cryptic error message, but they are now more descriptive when trying to initialize a repository on GitLab EnterpriseSorry not sorry

Bug Fixes:
- We realized you need more than one character for a commit message, so GitKraken now allows users to write a full commit message after undoing a commit.
- When fetching from a GitLab repository, with merge requests disabled, an error message would appear saying it could not load your merge requests… GitKraken now understands this is the same as informing someone that something divided by 1 is itself
- GitKraken will now properly cache group information for GitLab instead of constantly pestering the server about the same groups.

- Remotes on GitLab self-hosted accounts will now display the GitLab icon instead of the associated remote avatarTrust us, it's better this way.

- v3.3.1 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

GitKraken 3.3.0 (64-bit)
- GitKraken now integrates with GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition (Pro users only).

- When renaming a branch, the current branch name will now pre-populate the input field.
- We’ve added a context menu option to copy a file’s full path from the commit panel.
- Hovering over a user’s gravatar in the graph will now display a tooltip with that user’s name (or email if no name is provided).
- A loading icon has been added to the clone repository window; it displays while GitKraken is retrieving your remote repositories.

Bug Fixes:
- New connections to GitHub Enterprise no longer require GitKraken to restart
- Pull requests on with multiple assignees will now show all assignees in the tooltip and consistently display in bold when you are one of the assignees. (Previously, it would only bold if you were the first assignee.)
- Users will no longer be prevented from discarding changes for a removed file
- In tree view, the commit panel should now properly display which files have been added/modified/removed/renamed while navigating through the graph

GitKraken 3.2.2 (64-bit)
- Got Now you may create a pull request and add a remote from GitKraken

- The currently opened repository is part of the repository management window
- Esc will close the Gitflow and pull request panels
- Attempting to delete a primary remote branch now creates a specific error message

Bug Fixes:
- Cloning and working with a LFS repository on Linux via SSH works now

- v3.2.2 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

GitKraken 3.2.1 (64-bit)
Bug Fix:
- Fixed a bug in analytics that caused certain clients to over-report analytics data

GitKraken 3.2.0 (64-bit)
- If you have children, it’s usually a bad idea to have a favorite child. With GitKraken, it is totally fine to have a favorite repository, and thus we introduce you to the new Favorites list!
- Multi-select for discarding changes: like multi-select for Staging and Unstaging, but with Discard. We’ve added a context menu, too, so now you may discard all changes within a folder if you are in tree view. Brought to you by popular demand- we know how much you love multi-select!

- We’ve added a context menu option for updating submodules
- Now use Ctrl+D(Windows/Linux)/Cmd+D(Mac) or the Fuzzy Finder to open your configured external diff/merge tool

Bug Fixes:
- GitKraken no longer displays a Pushed Successfully message if a push fails due to a server hook. In other words, force-pushing to a protected branch will now display an error message instead of a false “success” message
- We resolved an issue that would cause GitKraken to launch outside of your window region. Sorry about that, it won’t happen again
- Hitting the cancel button when trying to finish a Gitflow action (Hotfix, Release, or Feature) now properly closes the Gitflow window (instead of doing nothing)
- Discard all now discards submodule changes, too
- GitKraken now correctly applies the operating system’s newline character when modifying a repository’s .gitignore file

- v3.2 does not include any changes to GitKraken Enterprise other than those listed above

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