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最新版本 SplitCam 10.6.36

SplitCam 10.6.36

SplitCam 10.6.36
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檔案版本 SplitCam 10.6.36

檔案名稱 SplitCamSetup.msi
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Grammarly Inc.
更新日期 2022-12-16

What's new in this version:

- Officially dropped support of Windows versions below 1809 released prior to October 02, 2018. Please update your Windows system and hardware drivers regularly
- Added new audo source: Application Audio. User can now capture sound directly from any another application, like Chrome or Edge web browser, for example
- Added new media source: Existing Scene. You can add any existing scene to another scene as a separate layer
- Web browser layers now can play LIVE broadcasts

- Dim layer name when the layer is locked or hidden
- DirectShow webcams support updated: it is now possible to use the same DirectShow webcam on the same scene
- Show effects info for media layers only
- New implementation of context menus
- Save currently loaded URL address of Web-browser Source on program exit
- Added Pause Settings panel to SplitCam Settings dialog
- Reduce the font size of edit controls
- Vertically align text in edit controls
- Added scrolling to selection lists in different dialogs: Window selection, Application selection, Game selection, Cloud Project selection, etc
- Optimized options: start minimized, minimize to system tray, start with Windows
- Optimized processing of layer events: position and text change
- Decrease the lowest speed of floating layers
- If cloud user nick name is not set, then use alternative title when popping up cloud context menu
- Added STREAM title to statistics button. Changed font and size of statistics buttons in the mini window
- The first mouse click on an unselected browser layer selects it but doesn't generate a click in the browser itself
- Decrease the minimal size of Timer layer
- Give visual feedback when mouse hovers over selected UI elements
- Hide Scene Pause Settings dialog when it looses focus
- Layer list scrolling revisited. Auto scroll into view when selected
- Hide Web Browser preload image as soon as page is ready or when timed out
- Audio playlist items displayed truncated
- Addressed break of a/v synchronization

- When Window Capture layer is paused or the layer containing it is paused the layer disappeared from the scene
- Don't select another layer when trying to resize or change corner radius of partly covered layer
- Edit control in text layer looks incorrect when editing text
- Fixed incorrect presentation of edit controls in the Layer Properties dialog
- Make Text and Timer layers non-pannable
- Switching to another video in Video Playlist sometimes caused program to crash
- Clicking non-command item in context menu causes a command execution
- Fixed SplitCam crash when Video Playlist is deleted
- When a second audio source is added the scrolling position in the audio list is incorrect
- On program start up the sound volume is not restored correctly
- When Edit control is disabled its layout and drawing is incorrect
- Fixed incorrect scene ordering after scenes have been rearranged
- Fixed errors with multiple floating layers
- Fixed mono and different sample rate audio files playback
- Fixed text layer redraw after disabling scroll effect

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