最新版本 Krisp 2.22.0

Krisp 2.22.0

Krisp 2.22.0
GoodSync 是一個簡單,安全,可靠的方式來自動同步和備份您的照片,MP3 和重要文件。備份和 / 或同步您的關鍵文件就像點擊一樣容易,也可以使用各種自動選項進行安排。真正的雙向文件同步可防止任何數據丟失。 GoodSync 可以用於通過本地網絡或 Internet 在桌面 PC 和筆記本電腦,家庭和辦公室計算機,計算機和可移動設備(USB Key,閃存驅動器,CDRW 光盤)之間同步數據。 GoodSync 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是完整的離線安裝程序的安裝程序 GoodSync.

GoodSync 功能:

文件 Sync
GoodSync 在您的計算機,移動設備,FTP,SFTP,Amazon S3,Google 雲端硬盤,SkyDrive,WebDAV,Azure 之間同步文件.

GoodSync 備份文件到便攜式驅動器, FTP,S3,GDocs,SkyDrive,DAV 或其他計算機.

直接 P2P Sync
GoodSync 直接在您的計算機之間連接同步文件,沒有通過第三方服務器同步引入緩慢.

速度和實時 Sync
GoodSync 是非常快速和同步文件上的命令,定期或按時間表(文件更改).

注意:30 天試用版。試用版後有限功能.

也可用:下載 GoodSync 為 Mac


檔案版本 Krisp 2.22.0

檔案名稱 Krisp_2.22.0.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Siber Systems Inc.
更新日期 2023-07-27

What's new in this version:

- This release brings further enhancements to the AI Meeting Assistant, as well as other improvements and bug fixes

AI Meeting Assistant improvements:
- All the transcriptions now have a Transcripts Timeline broken down by speakers allowing easy navigation to the moments in the call when each participant spoke
- Improved the logic of matching the meetings with events from the Calendar and displaying correct titles for those in the Transcriptions
- Integration with Microsoft Calendar enables automatic syncing of meeting and participant information in the Transcripts
- In case there are overlapping meetings in the Calendar, you can manually select which meeting the Transcript is for
- If you have your Calendar linked to your Krisp account, the meeting participant names will be fetched from there for a more accurate depiction in the Transcripts
- You can however set speakers who were not initially listed in the Calendar event. Just start typing their names and the relevant contact will be brought up from your contact list.
- Fixed the logic for how the dates for recurring calendar events are fetched in the Transcripts

Other improvements and bug fixes:
- Proxy server users can now provide proxy authentication details to Krisp for uninterrupted app usage
- We improved the Test Noise Cancellation flow for better user experience
- Unmuting Krisp will now unmute the selected device if it is muted from the system
- The Krisp icon will no longer get hidden in the "More tray icons menu" of Windows machines after app reinstall/update if it was previously dragged to the visible part of the system tray
- Fixed the issue if Krisp running on the wrong side of the screen after the first run on Windows 11
- Corrected prioritization of built-in devices on certain Windows machines to ensure proper device selection in the Krisp app for calls
- Addressed the problem of missing logout notification after the first logout from the app
- Fixed the incorrect display of system muted state for the selected speaker in the Krisp app UI
- Transcript notifications will no longer appear after a short call if the Transcript toggle is turned OFF
- Resolved crash issues when Krisp was quitted during the profile fetch process

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