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最新版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 4.5

Pinegrow Web Editor 4.5

Pinegrow Web Editor 4.5
Futuremark SystemInfo 是我們許多基準測試中使用的一個組件,用於識別系統中的硬件。它不收集任何個人身份信息。 SystemInfo 更新不會影響基準分數,但您可能需要最新版本才能獲得有效分數.

我們當前支持的基準測試版的最新版本將提示您安裝新的 SystemInfo 更新。或者,您可以從此頁面自行更新 Futuremark SystemInfo.

注意 Futuremark 不再支持 Windows XP,3DMark06 和 PCMark05。 Windows XP 上的 SystemInfo 功能按原樣提供,不保證。從 4.29 版開始,SystemInfo 需要 Windows XP Service Pack 3. 如果您希望在 Windows XP SP2 或更低版本上運行 3DMark06 和 PCMark05,則應該使用 SystemInfo 4.28.

注意:Windows 10 上的所有 Futuremark 基準測試需要安裝 Futuremark SystemInfo 4.40 或更高版本 0.


檔案版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 4.5

檔案名稱 PinegrowWinSetup.4.5.exe
檔案大小 101 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Futuremark
官網 https://www.futuremark.com/support/systeminfo
更新日期 2018-03-05

What's new in this version:

Easily customize Bootstrap 4 themes:
- You can now use Pinegrow to customize your Bootstrap 4 themes by modifying Bootstrap SASS variables and adding CSS rules. Customizing Bootstrap is normally a bit complicated because it requires setting up the SASS compilation environment, installing Bootstrap SASS sources and creating a file structure for your custom theme. But with Pinegrow it’s very simple. Pinegrow takes care of all these tasks. All we have to do is the actual customization.

Customize SASS variables:
- SASS variables can already be directly edited in the CSS List editor in Pinegrow. But for frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation and various templates it is not recommended to edit variables directly in the source files. By doing that we lose the ability to easily update framework or template files to newer version. The correct approach is to over-ride the variables in custom SASS file and then include the rest of the frameworks / template’s SASS files from there. The new “Customize variable in…” feature makes this process easy. Simply right-click on the variable that you want to customize and choose the SASS file where the customized variable should go. Pinegrow also takes care of copying any other variables that are referenced in the value of the over-ridden variable.

WordPress: Bootstrap 4 pagination and navigation:
- Pagination and Navigation actions for WordPress Theme Builder have been updated to support Bootstrap 4.

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