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最新版本 Ledger Live Desktop 2.36.2

Ledger Live Desktop 2.36.2

Ledger Live Desktop 2.36.2
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檔案版本 Ledger Live Desktop 2.36.2

檔案名稱 ledger-live-desktop-2.36.2-win.exe
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 FileZilla
更新日期 2021-12-11

What's new in this version:

Ledger Live Desktop 2.36.2
- Ledger Live App icon was not displaying properly on some macOS versions

Ledger Live Desktop 2.35.2
- Change log not available for this version

Ledger Live Desktop 2.35.1
- Fixed overlapping language discoverability pop-up

Ledger Live Desktop 2.35.0
- Taproot is now supported in Ledger Live (Experimental feature)!
- App language automatically matches the one of your system configuration (EN, FR, RU)
- Rebranding : New logo and splashscreen

- Polkadot support restored
- Status banner removal
- Bitcoin support improvements (Exprimental feature)

Ledger Live Desktop 2.34.4
- Upgrade Stellar SDK to support Protocol 18

Ledger Live Desktop 2.34.3
- Polkadot fix

Ledger Live Desktop 2.33.1
- Added information drawer for every Live apps
- Update banner for outdated firmware version
- Added alert when price is not available

- Fixed dead links
- Improved localized experience
- Fixed duplicate token balance

Ledger Live Desktop 2.31.1
- View your NFTs on integration on the Discover section
- Zerion now on Live's Discover section as well
- Update banner available globally throughout the application

- Polkadot operations better handled

Ledger Live Desktop 2.29.0
- Swap with Paraswap on the Ethereum chain
- ALL TIME and DAILY timeframes now available on portfolio charts
- Buy crypto from the US with ACH payments
- Improved alert system
- Select slow/medium/fast fees when sending crypto
- New button layout in the account page
- Inline app installation added to experimental settings. Enable to try it.

- Improved porfolio performance
- Reworked Stellar implementation
- Removed active entries from sidebar during onboarding
- Cosmos and Polkadot fixes
- Scroll removed from status side drawer
- Fixed Dash glitches

Ledger Live Desktop 2.26.1
- Added icons of major cryptocurrencies
- Operation exports include a "select all" and our provider's countervalues
- Operations details now shows countervalue at today's rate and at the time of the operations

- Improved Firmware update experience
- Improved BUY experience without a device
- Fixed multiple issues on Polkadot
- Refactored our alert system

Ledger Live Desktop 2.25.1
- BUY new assets: DOGE, DOT, LTC, COMP and more are available
- NEW: Notification center to stay up-to-date with Ledger news and service status
- Swap crypto with floating rates (not available in some countries, including the US)
- Address format tag on BTC(-based) accounts. New accounts are Native Segwit by default, Legacy supported

- Available balance during DOT bonding excludes future nomination fees
- Minor improvements in user experience

Ledger Live Desktop 2.23.0
- Polkadot is Live! Add your account to send and stake DOT
- Buy crypto without your Ledger device
- Cosmos migrated to Stargate update. Cosmos transactions made before the update are no longer displayed.

- Amounts are now rounded down to not be deceptive
- Fixed weekly chart that looked flat
- Dropped ETH transactions are not stuck as pending anymore
- Better error format for Swap

Ledger Live Desktop 2.21.3
- Various improvements in user experience
- Added Cosmos alert about upcoming blockchain maintenance

- Fixed fiat value for many tokens including UNI
- Issue with new Ethereum accounts due to API is now fixed
- Fixed swap status, tooltips and icons

Ledger Live Desktop 2.20.0
- All known countervalue bugs are fixed!
- Many improvements in performance and reliability of countervalues.
- Portfolio and account graph loads much faster.
- Fixed inconsistency between individual and total balances.
- Linux: App runs on older distributions again.
- Value of operations is now fixed at the time of the operation.
- Accounts reorder at page load when accounts are ordered by price.
- Various improvements in user experience.

- Display Swap details during device validation.
- Added back button when onboarding a device from settings.
- Added opened loans to Lend page.
- Linux app icon fixed thanks to community member @herandol!

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2018年7月19日 — That's because the archive from the source= has no .git . I think you should change it to git+

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