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最新版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 5.92

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.92

Pinegrow Web Editor 5.92
一切都是 64 位是一個搜索引擎的 Windows 取代了一個更快的正常 Windows 搜索。與 Windows 搜索不同,Everything 最初會顯示計算機上的每個文件和文件夾。您可以輸入搜索過濾器來限制顯示的文件和文件夾。一切搜索引擎 64 位只使用文件和文件夾名稱,通常需要幾秒鐘來建立其數據庫。 1,000,000 個文件將需要大約 1 分鐘.



檔案版本 Pinegrow Web Editor 5.92

檔案名稱 PinegrowWinSetup.5.92.exe
檔案大小 99.9 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 David Carpenter
官網 http://www.voidtools.com/
更新日期 2020-01-21

What's new in this version:

Edit remote websites and web applications:
- Use Open URL to open documents from local or remote web servers and seamlessly save any changes into a selected local folder/project
- When the URL is re-loaded local saved changes are injected back into the remote document so that you can continue the editing process
- This is useful for styling remote projects and for prototyping

Work with dynamic HTML elements:
- Dynamic elements are HTML elements created by Javascript code after the page loads. Until now it was not possible to select and edit such elements in Pinegrow
- Now you can select dynamic elements and style them in the Style panel

Materialize 1.0.0:
- Support for Materialize framework was updated to the stable release version 1.0.0
- Improved Google Fonts support

Google Fonts manager now:
- Uses the correct font category sans-serif, serif, cursive and monospace with the font name
- Shows selected fonts and selected style in the font list
- Only displays the available selected font weight in the CSS Visual Editor

To open the Google Fonts manager:
- Select Page -> Manage Google Fonts, or Select Manage Google Fonts in the Font Family property dropdown in the CSS Visual Editor

Handling imported CSS stylesheets:
- Pinegrow Web Editor now properly handles the situation where a CSS stylesheet is imported by multiple parent stylesheets

WordPress Theme Builder improvements:
- These features are also coming soon to Pinegrow Theme Converter

Conditionally enqueue scripts and styles:
- Scripts and styles can now be conditionally included to the page by adding IF Conditional statements to <script>, <link> and <style> elements

Use Customizer to show or hide an element:
- The Customizer Field – Smart action got a new Edit option: “Show element” that creates a checkbox control for setting the visibility of the element

Bug fixes:
- Right-clicking on a unselected element on the page and doing Transform operations now targets the correct element
- Prevent adding elements outside of the <body> elements when dropping elements on the page view

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