最新版本 install4j 9.0.3

install4j 9.0.3

install4j 9.0.3
Evernote 允許您在任何使用任何設備或平台找到最方便的信息捕獲信息,並使這個信息隨時隨地訪問和搜索。使用 Evernote 記錄筆記,創建待辦事項列表,剪輯整個網頁,管理密碼和錄製音頻。添加到 Evernote 的所有內容都將自動跨平台和設備同步,並進行搜索。 Evernote 甚至可以識別出照片和圖像中的印刷或手寫文字.

從短名單到長篇研究,無論您的寫作形式如何,Evernote 讓您專注於將這些創意從靈感轉移到完成.



注意:需要 Evernote 帳戶。有限功能.

也可用:下載 Evernote 為 Mac 和 Evernote 為 Web


檔案版本 install4j 9.0.3

檔案名稱 install4j_windows-x64_9_0_3.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Evernote Corporation
官網 https://evernote.com/
更新日期 2021-06-18

What's new in this version:

- Floating license customers can now request license keys for the web license server instead of using the on-premises license server
- Command line parameters are now handled in the same way as by the default java launcher. This fixes cases of invalid parsing due to unbalanced quotes.
- Text overrides for enum bean properties now also support the displayed texts of enum values and not only integer indices or enum constant names

- Regression in 9.0: Custom icons on disabled form components were no longer shown in gray
- Regression in 9.0: Gradle and Maven plugins were compiled with -target 11
- "License agreement" form component: The "User must scroll to bottom" property had no effect under some circumstances
- "Dark mode switcher" component: Keyboard focus was not shown
- Script edits were not saved for form components if the "Insert ID" dialog was invoked
- JetBrains JRE provider did not show newest releases after Bintray was frozen
- Fixed NPE for pre-created JRE bundles that do not contain a release file
- Cache information about platforms required for building a universal JRE bundle for macOS
- Gracefully handle the removal of the SecurityManager class in Java 18
- macOS: New JFrame instances could be shown as tabs, depending on the system settings
- dpkg --verify was broken for .deb Linux packages

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