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最新版本 MultiMC 5 0.6.12

MultiMC 5 0.6.12

MultiMC 5 0.6.12
Eclipse 64 位包含的工具使開發人員可以在多語言,多平台和多供應商環境中自由選擇。 Eclipse 提供了一個基於插件的框架,可以更容易地創建,集成和使用軟件工具,從而節省時間和金錢。通過協作和開發核心集成技術,工俱生產者可以利用平台重用,專注於核心競爭力來創造新的開發技術。下載用於 PC 的 Eclipse Offline Installer 安裝程序 64bit。 Eclipse 平台是用 Java 語言編寫的,附帶了大量的插件構建工具包和示例。這些項目可以在概念上被組織成七個不同的“支柱”或類別:
企業開發嵌入式和設備開發富客戶端平台富 Internet 應用程序應用程序框架應用程序生命週期管理(ALM)面向服務的體系結構(SOA)注:需要 Java 運行時環境

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檔案版本 MultiMC 5 0.6.12

系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 The Eclipse Foundation
更新日期 2021-03-22

What's new in this version:

- Added the option to not use OpenAL and/or GLFW libraries bundled with the game
- This is interesting if you have ones that come with your system and work better
- Skins (the part used for account icons) are now rendered with the overlay on
- GH-3130: Skin upload has been switched over to the new Mojang API and should have less issues
- MultiMC now shows world icons and allows resetting world icons in View Worlds
- GH-3229: Copy seed button has been updated to be compatible with newer versions of the game
- GH-3427: View Worlds now has a very simple Datapacks button - it just opens the system file browser
- GH-3189: Updated nbt library - this makes View Worlds work properly again for newer versions of the game
- Fixed online saving in Classic versions
- GH-3131: Fixed not working with proxy ports greater than 32767
- Proxy login details are no longer logged in files
- GH-3467: The launch could stall in the ScanModFolders task if the mod folders didn't exist yet.
- GH-3602: Pre-launch commands could fail on first launch of the instance because the .minecraft folder has not been created yet

Technical changes:
- GH-3234: At build time, the meta URL can be changed
- Removed some hacks previously required to get Forge working
- MultiMC no longer contains pack200 and the custom lzma format support used by Forge only.
- Some preparations have been done to allow downloading Java runtimes from Mojang - support for the Piston repository
- Compatibility with unusual build environments has been increased

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