最新版本 Rclone 1.53.0 (64-bit)

Rclone 1.53.0 (64-bit)

Rclone 1.53.0 (64-bit)
ConEmu 是一個帶有選項卡的 Windows 控制台模擬器,它將多個控制台和簡單的 GUI 應用程序作為一個可自定義的 GUI 窗口提供各種功能.

最初,該程序是作為遠程管理器(維基百科中的 FAR)的伴侶創建的,和檔案管理,指揮歷史和完成,功能強大的編輯。 ConEmu 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。這是 ConEmu.

的完全脫機安裝程序安裝程序今天,ConEmu 可以與任何其他控制台應用程序或簡單的 GUI 工具(如 PuTTY 例如)一起使用。 ConEmu 是一個活躍的項目,對建議



檔案版本 Rclone 1.53.0 (64-bit)

系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Maximus5
更新日期 2020-09-03

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- The VFS layer was heavily reworked for this release - see below for more details
- Interactive mode -i/--interactive for destructive operations
- Add --bwlimit-file flag to limit speeds of individual file transfers
- Transfers are sorted by start time in the stats and progress output
- Make sure backends expand ~ and environment vars in file names they use
- Add --refresh-times flag to set modtimes on hashless backends

- Remove vendor directory in favour of Go modules
- Build with go1.15.x by default
- Drop macOS 386 build as it is no longer supported by go1.15
- Add ARMv7 to the supported builds
- Enable rclone cmount on macOS
- Make rclone build with gccgo
- Make rclone build with wasm
- Change beta numbering to be semver compatible
- Add file properties and icon to Windows executable
- Add experimental interface for integrating rclone into browsers
- lib: Add file name compression

- Allow installation and use of plugins and test plugins with rclone-webui
- Add reverse proxy pluginsHandler for serving plugins
- Add mount/listmounts option for listing current mounts
- Add operations/uploadfile to upload a file through rc using encoding multipart/form-data
- Add core/copmmand to execute rclone terminal commands.

rclone check:
- Add reporting of filenames for same/missing/changed
- Make check command obey --dry-run/-i/--interactive
- Make check do --checkers files concurrently
- Retry downloads if they fail when using the --download flag
- Make it show stats by default
- rclone obscure: Allow obscure command to accept password on STDIN

rclone config:
- Set RCLONE_CONFIG_DIR for use in config files and subprocesses
- Reject remote names starting with a dash. (jtagcat)
- rclone cryptcheck: Add reporting of filenames for same/missing/changed
- rclone dedupe: Make it obey the --size-only flag for duplicate detection
- rclone link: Add --expire and --unlink flags (Roman Kredentser)
- rclone mkdir: Warn when using mkdir on remotes which can't have empty directories
- rclone rc: Allow JSON parameters to simplify command line usage

rclone serve ftp:
- Don't compile on < go1.13 after dependency update
- Add error message if auth proxy fails
- Use refactored library for binary shrink
- rclone serve restic: Expose interfaces so that rclone can be used as a library from within restic (Jack)
- rclone sync: Add --track-renames-strategy leaf
- rclone touch: Add ability to set nanosecond resolution times
- rclone tree: Remove -i shorthand for --noindent as it conflicts with -i/--interactive

Bug Fixes:
- Fix documentation for speed/speedAvg
- Fix elapsed time not show actual time since beginning
- Fix deadlock in stats printing

- Fix file handle leak in GitHub release tool
- rclone check: Fix successful retries with --download counting errors
- rclone dedupe: Fix logging to be easier to understand

- Warn macOS users that mount implementation is changing
- to test the new implementation use rclone cmount instead of rclone mount
- this is because the library rclone uses has dropped macOS support
- rc interface
- Add call for unmount all
- Make mount/mount remote control take vfsOpt option
- Add mountOpt to mount/mount
- Add VFS and Mount options to mount/listmounts
- Catch panics in cgofuse initialization and turn into error messages
- Always supply stat information in Readdir
- Add support for reading unknown length files using direct IO (Windows)
- Fix On Windows don't add -o uid/gid=-1 if user supplies -o uid/gid.
- Fix macOS losing directory contents in cmount
- Fix volume name broken in recent refactor

- Implement partial reads for --vfs-cache-mode full
- Add --vfs-writeback option to delay writes back to cloud storage
- Add --vfs-read-ahead parameter for use with --vfs-cache-mode full
- Restart pending uploads on restart of the cache
- Support synchronous cache space recovery upon ENOSPC (Leo Luan)
- Allow ReadAt and WriteAt to run concurrently with themselves
- Change modtime of file before upload to current
- Recommend --vfs-cache-modes writes on backends which can't stream
- Add an optional fs parameter to vfs rc methods
- Fix errors when using > 260 char files in the cache in Windows
- Fix renaming of items while they are being uploaded
- Fix very high load caused by slow directory listings
- Fix renamed files not being uploaded with --vfs-cache-mode minimal
- Fix directory locking caused by slow directory listings
- Fix saving from chrome without --vfs-cache-mode writes

- Add --local-no-updated to provide a consistent view of changing objects
- Add --local-no-set-modtime option to prevent modtime changes
- Fix race conditions updating and reading Object metadata

- Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems
- Fix dedupe on caches wrapping drives

- Add --crypt-server-side-across-configs flag
- Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems

- Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems

Azure Blob:
- Don't compile on < go1.13 after dependency update

- Implement server side copy for files > 5GB
- Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit
- Note that b2's encoding now allows but rclone's hasn't changed
- Fix transfers when using download_url

- Implement rclone cleanup
- Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit
- Allow authentication with access token

- Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems

- Add rclone backend drives to list shared drives
- Implement rclone backend untrash
- Work around drive bug which didn't set modtime of copied docs
- Added --drive-starred-only to only show starred files
- Deprecate --drive-alternate-export as it is no longer needed
- Fix duplication of Google docs on server side copy
- Fix "panic: send on closed channel" when recycling dir entries

- Add copyright detector info in limitations section in the docs
- Fix rclone link by removing expires parameter

- Detect Flood detected: IP Locked error and sleep for 30s

- Add explicit TLS support
- Add support for --dump bodies and --dump auth for debugging
- Fix interoperation with pure-ftpd

Google Cloud Storage:
- Add support for anonymous access

- Bring back legacy authentification for use with whitelabel versions
- Switch to new api root - also implement a very ugly workaround for the DirMove failures

- Rework cancel of multipart uploads on rclone exit
- Implement rclone cleanup
- Add --onedrive-no-versions flag to remove old versions

- Implement rclone link for public link creation

- Cancel in progress multipart uploads on rclone exit

- Preserve metadata when doing multipart copy
- Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit
- Add rclone link for public link sharing
- Add rclone backend restore command to restore objects from GLACIER
- Add rclone cleanup and rclone backend cleanup to clean unfinished multipart uploads
- Add rclone backend list-multipart-uploads to list unfinished multipart uploads
- Add --s3-max-upload-parts support
- Add --s3-no-check-bucket for minimising rclone transactions and perms
- Add --s3-profile and --s3-shared-credentials-file options
- Use regional s3 us-east-1 endpoint
- Add Scaleway provider
- Update IBM COS endpoints
- Reduce the default --s3-copy-cutoff to < 5GB for Backblaze S3 compatibility
- Fix detection of bucket existing

- Use the absolute path instead of the relative path for listing for improved compatibility
- Add --sftp-subsystem and --sftp-server-command options

- Fix dangling large objects breaking the listing
- Fix purge not deleting directory markers
- Fix update multipart object removing all of its own parts
- Fix missing hash from object returned from upload

- Upgrade to uplink v1.2.0

- Fix writing with the all policy

- Fix directory creation with 4shared

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