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最新版本 Nextcloud 2.6.3

Nextcloud 2.6.3

Nextcloud 2.6.3
Cocos Creator 是一個完整的遊戲開發工具包和工作流程,包括一個遊戲引擎(基於 Cocos2d-x),資源管理,場景編輯,遊戲預覽,調試和發布一個項目到多個平台.

我們首次引入了實體 - 組件結構和數據驅動的工作流程到 Cocos2d- x 系列。使用 JavaScript,您可以立即編寫組件腳本。編輯器和引擎擴展也是使用 JavaScript 編寫的,因此您可以用一種編程語言製作遊戲並優化您的工具.

Cocos Creator 提供了一個創新的,易於使用的工具集,如 UI 系統和動畫編輯器。由於開放式編輯器擴展系統,工具集將持續快速擴展.


檔案版本 Nextcloud 2.6.3

檔案名稱 Nextcloud-2.6.3-setup
檔案大小 120 MB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Chukong Technologies Inc.
更新日期 2020-02-17

What's new in this version:

Nextcloud 2.6.3
- Add UserInfo class and fetch quota via API instead of PropfindJob
- l10n: Changed grammar and triple dots to ellipsis
- l10n: Changed spelling of "user name" to "username"
- Start the client in background if activated by D-Bus
- Do not install files related to cloud providers under Xenial
- Make sure that the libcloudprovider integration is using a valid D-Bus path
- Changed product name to Nextcloud
- Update autoupdate.rst
- Use system proxy by default if no config file is present
- Install libcloudproviders files by default on debian
- Windows 7 is out of support
- BugFix: Handle broken shared file error gracefully
- Fix Explorer integration on Windows and the crash on other systems
- Welcome to 2020
- Updated year in legalnotice.cpp
- apply http2 qt resend patch from owncloud

Nextcloud 2.6.2
- Revert DEFAULT_REMOTE_POLL_INTERVAL back from 5 seconds to 30 seconds
- Use user-provided username in displayName()
- Fix typo
- Build with libcloudproviders on debian and in the AppImage
- Fix tests for Windows platform
- Merge the list of ignored files/symlinks into one Activity notification.
- Fix clang's variadic macro warnings
- Add libdbus-1-dev to the build dependencies
- Compare QDateTime objects more efficient
- Improve the translation of "Share via …"
- Upgrade for Qt 5.12.5 in docker-ci
- Bump Qt 5.12.5 image
- Add timestamp to Mac installer code signing
- MacOS build: Avoid the Get-Task-Allow Entitlement (Notarization)
- Build for Debian stable and oldstable
- Happy new year
- Fall back to old login flow on GS as this is not yet ready
- [stable-2.6] macOS build: Avoid the Get-Task-Allow Entitlement (Notarization)
- Fix remote wipe keychain storage
- Fix copyright year in for 2019
- Fix macOS GUI (Qt 5.12)
- Windows: Workaround for storing >= 4k (4096 bit) client-cert SSL keys
- Fix Activity List: Add check to avoid first empty entry
- Fix macOS GUI (Qt 5.12) No. 2
- Show date and time in activity log
- Login Flow v2 enhancements
- Activity List: Fix crash and folder opening
- Fix issue #1237: White text on almost-white background
- Heavy refactoring: Windows workaround for >= 4k (4096 bit) client-cert SSL keys and large certs
- Fix date in ActivityWidget and remove unnecessary string conversion

Nextcloud 2.6.1
- Changed max GUI bandwidth limits
- Add sync date next to "Synchronized with local folder"
- Slideshow buttons
- Fix qt warning about registering a URL sheme first.
- Added sync-exclude entry for emacs recovery files
- Race condition in the remote size loading logic
- Review of msvc/gcc warnings -> code cleanup, prevention of implicit casts, variadic macros
- Fix double slashes
- Fixing E2E CSR transmission failure for new connections
- Fixed missing 'translatable' exclusions, added missing window titles
- Checks if exclude file is empty before creating the regular expressions.
- Add server info to menu
- Fixed grammar
- Prevent jumping of tray menu
- Don't run connection wizard when quitting the application
- Avoiding copying in range-based loops
- Add a 'Content-Length: 0' header to initial POST requests
- Remote wipe
- Pick from upstream: Update qtmacgoodies for an OSX crash
- Merge the list of ignored files/symlinks into one Activity notification.
- Update submodules for Qt 5.12.5 (qtmacgoodies)
- Fix duplicate items in Apps menu
- Fix remote wipe when a proxy is configured.
- Fix updater message: Download link instead of "use the system's update

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