Calibre (64-bit)

最新版本 SmartGit 21.1.3

SmartGit 21.1.3

SmartGit 21.1.3
Calibre 64 位是一個管理您的電子書收藏的程序。它作為一個電子圖書館,還允許格式轉換,新聞提要到電子書轉換,以及電子書閱讀器同步功能和一個集成的電子書閱讀器。

Calibre 特點:

Calibre’ 用戶界面的設計盡可能簡單。主窗口中的大按鈕可以滿足您的大部分需求。直觀的標籤下總是清晰地顯示了大量的功能和選項。它的上下文菜單排列整齊,所以你正在尋找的東西幾乎找到了自己的東西。您的目標不會超過三次點擊。這是多年來根據用戶的口徑調整界面的結果。反饋。此外,你可以改變口徑的外觀和感覺的許多方面,並嘗試使用三個內置的庫視圖之一,使用封面,標題,標籤,作者,出版商等瀏覽您的書籍收藏.

Calibre 支持幾乎每一個電子閱讀器,並與每更新更多的設備兼容。您可以在幾秒鐘內將電子書從一台設備轉移到另一台設備,無線或電纜。而且你不需要任何額外的工具來做到這一點。口徑將發送最好的文件格式為您的設備轉換它,如果需要,自動.

Calibre 有一個內置的電子書閱讀器,可以顯示所有主要的電子書格式。它完全支持目錄,書籤,CSS,參考模式,打印,搜索,複製,多頁面視圖,嵌入式字體等等

從 web
Calibre 64bit 版下載新聞 / 雜誌可以確保你知道“經濟學人”,“紐約時報”,“紐約客”雜誌,“衛報”,BBC 新聞,國家地理,CNN,“華爾街日報”,“華盛頓郵報”,“大西洋”等數百個新聞來源自動向您的設備發送故事,科學美國人,有線雜誌,電報,福布斯,Ars Technica&

Calibre 帶有一個方便的網絡服務器來託管你的圖書館。在短短的幾分鐘內,您就可以安全地與任何您選擇的電子書籍分享所有(或部分)電子書籍,或使用您喜歡的任何設備從任何地方自行訪問。通過服務器,您可以使用瀏覽器在任何手機 / 平板電腦上讀取口徑庫中的圖書。它甚至可以離線工作.

對於你們中間的電子書書店,口徑有一個內置的編輯器,允許你編輯最流行的電子書格式,EPUB 和 Kindle 的電子書。編輯有許多複雜的功能,使編輯電子書的內部盡可能簡單和高效.

Satisfy 每個電子書的需要和獲得支持

也可以:下載口徑為 Mac


檔案版本 SmartGit 21.1.3

系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Kovid Goyal
更新日期 2021-10-30

What's new in this version:

SmartGit 21.1.3
- Changes View:
- Apply was available when starting within an inner-line change
- possible internal error when reverting a black and changing the file once again while the confirmation dialog is showing

- Azure DevOps: should allow multiple configurations for different server URLs
- Journal: possible false-positive pushed commits for local, untracked branches
- command line tool hang until SmartGit was closed; added a workaround

SmartGit 21.1.2
- Azure DevOps: possible "Could not parse date" error on pull request refresh

- Branches view:
- refresh may change selection from remote to local tracking branch
- tag message did not show up for grouped tags
- toggling remote ref might select local ref

- Changes view:
- if saving fails, error banner hides too quickly
- horizontal scrolling did not always update reliably
- possible assertion on Apply
- staging hunks for untracked-missing renamed file fails with "Failed to write file" error
- Working Tree window: did not reliably refresh after failed save
- Ignore: showed scary warning about discarding changes for untracked file

- Log:
- Files (working tree): ignored removed file which is locally existing does not show up unless View Ignored Files is selected
- Refresh (Working Tree): automatic refresh did not clean up files after ignoring directory in non-root .gitignore
- Refresh: possible internal error for commits with commit times > 2038

Other Noteworthy Changes:
- UTF8 detection now scans full file instead of just the first 64kB
- GitHub: shows reasonable warning in case of organization access restrictions
- low-level property "core.tree.filter.backwardCompatibilityWithNonUnicodeGitOnWindows"
- Table controls: if low-level property table.scrollToSelection is set to false, ignore the selection's visibility

SmartGit 21.1.1
- BitBucket: possible internal error on refresh

- Changes pane:
- maximum size limit was not applied to images possibly resulting in out-of-memory errors
- possible out-of-memory error when selecting large file and having "core.autocrlf=input" configured
- Stage did nothing on "Added" conflicts
- fixed names on Unstage/Revert Hunk
- Working Tree window: Changes pane does not show file if it is made visible while a file already was selected

- Conflict Solver:
- external conflict solver: temporary files may be corrupted by replacing LF with CRLF

- Refresh:
- index files format 4 could not be read
- fails for repotool files which have been initialized with --worktree option
- Windows: might fail if file in repository was inaccessible (regression since 20.2)
- Setup: possible internal error with invalid msysgit-installation location
- Startup: --log with a file fails with "Cache has not yet been updated/initialized"

- Syntax coloring:
- Java: binary and hex literals were not detected correctly
- PHP: 'strings in quotes' are not detected in script mode
- MacOS 11: radio button selection changes invisibly when clicking a dfifferen tab item

SmartGit 21.1
- Changes view: possible paint artefacts by resizing window

SmartGit 20.2.5
- BitBucket: redundant "access token"-refresh requests if integration and OAuth is enabled
- internal error if java.library.path contains invalid entry

- File log: internal error when invoking Files, Rename
- Repositories, Refresh:
- after switching branches, obsolete submodules may remain
- after switching branches, state of new submodules should be populated

- Refresh: possible "submodule has error-prone admin area configuration" warning for main repositories created with "--separate-git-dir"
- Submodule, Initialize: problems with named submodules

- Quick Stash behaves like normal Stash (showing a dialog)
- Stash on Demand: must not apply if operation stopped in abortable state (rebase, merge, ...)

- macOS: error parsing environment variables for 'fish' shell
- Windows: internal error checking directory type under special conditions

Other Noteworthy Changes:
- low-level property "smartgit.nodecache.subtrees.enabled" to disable subtree detection and functionality
- Tag grouping: "name" extraction should be honored in Branches view groups, too

SmartGit 20.2.4
- Changes view: possible redundant refreshing if repository is a worktree
- Edit Commit Message: did not warn before modifying pushed commits if HEAD was selected
- Gerrit: detection fails if hooks/commit-msg is a symlink

- Files: Blame should not be available on submodules
- File Log:
- failed to open for deleted-by-us conflict
- (re)selecting "Index" node should reset Files/Changes view

- Investigate: possible "missing blob" error when selecting commit which contains removed submodule

- possible internal error for submodule entries containing // in .git/config
- Working Tree window: possible wrong matching between submodule entries in .git/config and .gitmodules

- Shell: invalid parsing of $'foo' or $(command parameter)

SmartGit 20.2.3
- Branches: stashes might be missing in case of corrupted logs/refs/stash file (which still could be processed by Git)
- Changes View: no caret was visible
- Distributed Reviews: showed duplicate comments on left side

- Files: possible internal error related to deleted-by-us submodule conflicts
- Graph: possible "missing blob" error when selecting commit which contains removed submodule

- Refresh: possible internal error related to concurrently changing, renamed files
- Spell checker: could not read files with UTF-8-BOM
- Startup/opening repository: possible internal error related to file-system probing of special network drives

- fixed C# and SQL parsing of # lines, also fixing a performance problem
- Python: a line containing only a # was not detected as comment line

- Worktrees: for some minor internal operations the worktree's config file was search at the wrong location

Other Changes:
- Git-Flow: added low-level-property "gitflow.external.avh1.12"

- Details: possible confusion about "Tags", "Same State Tags" and "Closest Tags"
- Graph, Filtering: horizontal space better used for filter options

- having SmartGit running only in the tray, launching it a 2nd time reopens last repositories
- Linux: with dark theme comboboxes were hard to read

SmartGit 20.2.2
- Changes View, Compare, ...: internal error trying to stage/apply a selection at the file end
- Log: possible internal error related to layouting very broad graphs
- Preferences: internal error clicking search icon in search input field
- Set Tracked Branch: possible internal error for branch names like "2%"

Syntax coloring:
- Java: 100f is not detected as one number, but as 100 and f
- JavaScript: missed RegEx string
- macOS 10.15: problem parsing environment variables if 'tcsh' is used as shell

Other Changes:
- updated SWT
- Linux: internal error changing screen DPI

SmartGit 20.2.1
New Features and Improvements:
- Commit, line-length guides: added low-level properties commit.lineLengthGuide.limit1/limit2/limit3 to configure limits
- Log - Select Parent/Child Commit has less priority if a file is selected; makes is easier to use the same shortcut for other commands, e.g. Previous/Next Change

- Files - "inactive" submodules did not show up despite of selected "Show Ignored File"
- Internal error selecting Files tab if it is in the same tab group as the Changes view
- Graph (File log) - for grouped tags, denote whether the first tag is signed

- During refresh comments vanished temporarily in Changes view

- Windows - possible false-positive modifications of symlinks
- Internal error in case of corrupted filemode bits in .git/index
- Subtree, Add - may fail with "terminal prompts disabled" message

SmartGit 20.2.0
- Journal: possible internal error on drag and drop
- Log:
- Interactive Rebase, Modify/Split Commit: menu items should not be disabled because of merge commits (but though reject to operate because of merge commits)
- Refresh:
- Linux, macOS: performance regression related to timestamp precision
- Remove Worktree: possible internal error if working tree was open in multiple windows
- Stage: reported warnings about unrelated inaccessible directories
- Linux: internal error related to checking the version of the bundled Git
- macOS:
- Cmd+W did not close log or working tree window
- Stage: did not work for repository located directly at $HOME

- Ignore dialog: added low-level property "ignore.defaultSelection" that influences which option is selected by default depending on the selected file count and names
- LFS: added low-level property "executable.addBinDirectoryToPath" to prepend the Git bin directory to the PATH, because otherwise for some configs git-lfs is not found
- Log:
- Graph: added low-level property "log.graph.drawSignedIcon" to hide the icon for signed commits

SmartGit 20.1.5
- Commit view with commit template message does not clean comment line (as Commit dialog does)
- Compare: options for ignoring whitespace are not remembered on "Remember as Default"
- Git-Flow, Start Feature: fixed wording in case of fast-forward merge is necessary
- Log: possible internal error with swapped node cache
- Passwords file: possible empty error dialog in case of corrupt passwords file
- Update check is disabled after setting up SmartGit as registered user
- Workaround for

SmartGit 20.1.4
- Changes: is not cleaned up correctly if file is selected and repository is removed outside SmartGit

Compare, Conflict Solver:
- internal error applying last (non-empty) line to other side

Conflict Solver:
- "compare.applyGitFilters" was not honored

Distributed Reviews:
- Integrate Pull Request: squashing fails with Git error "You cannot combine --squash with --commit"
- Files, Copy commands: internal error if invoked in bare repository
- Format Patch default external tool: was only available for head commit (regression)
- GitHub Enterprise/GitLab: client certificates without password couldn't be used

- Graph: Checkout offered to track even remote head branch, e.g. origin/HEAD
- Refresh: after opening repository, background tasks (like continuing SVN clone) were not scheduled
- Refresh: "File system loop encountered" as part of the node cache refreshing
- Settings: bugtracker-settings.xml was not read on first start

- possible problems when trying to resume a clone
- Table control: with table.scrollToSelection=false setting a selection did not unselect previously selected files
- Working Tree window: title was not showing open repository under certain conditions

SmartGit 20.1.3
New Features, Improvements:
- File Log, Blame, Investigate: rename detection for searching the file origin was limited to commits with up to 500 additions/removals
- Search for Repositories: added low-level property repositorySearch.autoSearchInDialog to disable the automatic search (useful for slow machines with hard drives)

Fixed Bugs:
- could not be started with + sign in the path
- BitBucket/others: Create Pull Request dialog contained duplicate target entries
- Distributes Reviews:
- Branches view: "Show Closed Pull Requests" had no effect
- External Tools: even if 2 refs are required, the tool could be invoked on a single ref
- Find Object, open repository: did not always select open repository
- File compare: stderr/stdout redirection for external tools did not work

- possible "404 not found" error for subsequent refresh after adding a comment
- Log: possible out-of-memory error while refreshing comments

- for file log, the filter pattern from the repository root log was initialized

- when filtered, checking out a commit may erroneously check out mapped local/remote branch, e.g. different commit

- Linux: right-clicking set focus too late and hence showed an outdated context menu

- possible endless loop in file system benchmarking code
- Working Tree window: opening broken repository (without admin dir) broke subsequent refreshing and file monitoring until repository was closed and reopened

- cloning to path with lower-case drive letter caused core.worktree to be set resulting in a notification of SmartGit - workaround for a Git bug

SmartGit 20.1.2
New Features and Improvements:
- Commit template: set caret at the end of the first (valid) line (instead of the beginning)
- Log, Graph view: set low-level property "log.graph.showMergeCommitsGray" to false to not avoid gray merge commits
- Rebase Interactive, Investigate: don't stop after title when shortening message
- Search/Filter: set low-level property "fileSearchOrFilter.matchInside" to false to match the file name start
- Refresh: set low-level property "nodecache.reflogRoots.followSymlinks" to false to prevent possible "java.nio.file.FileSystemLoopException"

Fixed Bugs:
- Blame: didn't distinguish between trailing line ending or not
- Branches view: Del key did not invoke Delete command on focused remote
- Commit: committing many files created multiple commits
- Compare, Index Editor: did not keep posix file mode on save
- Files view: "intent-to-add" files showed up as "modified"
- Gravatar images: incorrectly sized when switching between display zoom level 100% 200% on the same machine
- JIRA integration (cloud instance): didn't re-ask for password in case of HTTP error 403
- Linux: launcher script suggested to try SWT_GTK3=0 though GTK2 is not supported any more

- Changes view: changes for "assume unchanged" files were not displayed (as in Working Tree window)
- Commit view: missing primary "parent" link for merge commit when "Follow Only First Parent" is selected
- Files view: internal error comparing Index with conflicts against commit
- Graph view: signed commit symbol was not supported by macOS system font
- window could be closed while a command was running
- pressing Ctrl+Shift+3 if all files are staged, did not focus the right table in the Files view
- Preferences, Colors tab: no editor colors were shown on macOS

- internal error if core.excludesfile points to invalid path
- internal error if HEAD points to non-local branch
- possible internal error related to core.ignoreCase=true on case-sensitive file system (e.g. Linux)
- removed but ignored, physically existing file showed up as untracked

- possible internal error for file names containing special characters
- possible error "..System Volume Information"
- Windows: possible error "the following file has local modifications"
- SSH: using "System SSH" Git was not correctly configured for plink passing invalid arguments ("plink: unknown option "-o"")

SmartGit 20.1.1
Fixed Bugs:
- Commit: internal error double-clicking entry in file completion popup
- Clone: internal error if clone finishes after the repository had been removed while cloning
- several commands: internal errors for "unusual" file names

- Files view (Linux): staging all files loses focus
- Refresh: working tree node doesn't show up after switching back to modified repository

- Setup wizard: the Log vs. Working Tree option covers more changed options now
- updated Chinese translation

SmartGit 20.1
Fixed Bugs:
- temp dir cleanup did not work reliable on shutdown
- Windows installer: did not uninstall "Open in SmartGit" explorer context menus
- Windows: tree control uses full row selection as on other platforms, because seems to be fixed now

- Log, Graph: "SVN revision" column won't immediately show up after opening SVN repository (but only after first refresh once it's already open)

SmartGit 19.1.7
Fixed Bugs:
- BitBucket Server: possible internal error when refreshing (related to moved repositories)
- GitHub, Create Pull Request: fails if target repository name contains uppercase letters

- Git-LFS lock file information may fail to parse due to new timestamp format
- Git-LFS locks processing (for own locks) should be more tolerant in case of missing "owner"
- corrupt yml settings files (e.g. containing 0x00 bytes) fail SmartGit to start
- Investigate: showed DeepGit version in title

SmartGit 19.1.6
Fixed Bugs:
- Git-Flow, Integrate/Finish Feature: may unexpectedly skip commits to rebase
- Opening bare repository may fail due to missing "logs" directory
- Internal error setting log level to FINE

- possible internal error for files obstructured by submodules

Log/Working tree window:
- memory leak when closing

Log Graph/Journal:
- internal error if a user name contained r

- changing Auxiliary Ref in submodule did not refresh automatically

- internal error trying to ignore the root directory; resolved by only allowing directories containing only untracked (or ignored) files

- for notification "Repository ... has a locked index" the "Delete" button may not work if .git/index.lock has been removed in the meanwhile

- text input field, e.g. filters: Ctrl+Z triggered accelerator instead of accepting as undo for text field

SmartGit 19.1.5
New Features, Improvements:
- Table control: added low-level property table.scrollToSelection to prevent scrolling to selection, e.g. after toggling the sort status

Fixed Bugs:
- GitHub: query was not tolerant in case of missing parent repositories
- Rebasing commands (reordering, changing messages, ...): had problems with spaces in paths
- Opening a missing repository in 2 windows could result in an internal error when confirming the removal
- Possible internal error related to bare repositories
- Index Editor: did not show a warning if a file could not be saved, e.g. because it was locked by another application
- I18n: variable text parts could be replaced by "1", "2", ...
- Internal error saving passwords
- For commercial users with outdated licenses the evaluation did not work
- Applying changes from default settings (startup.settingsToReplaceFromDefaults) did not work when upgrading from old XML files
- resizing the window did not redraw the "Long lines" view causing garbage to be shown there
- forgots some options when using "Remember as Default"

- opening a freshly cloned shallow repository failed if a commit listed in .git/shallow was not present in the repository

SmartGit 19.1.4
New Features, Improvements:
- Branches view: ability to copy stash name
- Changes view: include commit ID for "Could not find submodule commit" message
- Hosting providers: added low-level property
- smartgit.hostingProvider.skipCheckForConfigurations to prevent, e.g. notifications "Bitbucket Server integration is not yet configured"
- Added low-level property smartgit.pull.skipCheckForExternalCredentialsHelper to prevent notification "External Credentials Helper detected"

Fixed Bugs:
- Files: toggling Show Directories did not update the GUI immediately
- Working Tree refresh: possible internal error related to core.ignoreCase=true
- Clicking sourcetree:// URLs in Bitbucket did not open clone wizard any more

- Submodule initialization was not possible if smartgit.svn.scanSubmodulesForNonSvnParents=true
- Refresh: uninitialized submodules don't show up if smartgit.svn.scanSubmodulesForNonSvnParents=true

- Ctrl+Shift+1/2/... did not work if commit message field in Commit/Message view
- Was focused
- Graph/Journal view: focus rect not drawn correctly
- Windows launchers were monitor-dpi-aware by accident
- Other Noteworthy Changes
- Dropped "Merge Directly To" 3rd-party tool due to a couple of problems with changed low-level Git API

SmartGit 19.1.3
Fixed Bugs:
Log, Graph:
- Enter did not the same as double-click
- Focus rect is not drawn any more
- Compare or others: possible internal error applying change
- Output: for Git >= 2.23, progress output like "Compressing objects:" is not properly-recognized anymore
- Stash On Demand: should not fail with "Your local changes have been stashed away, but could not be reapplied." if stashing untracked files is disabled
- Windows: if some special environment variables were set, e.g. JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS, the launchers did not recognize the bundled JRE and possibly tried to use an outdated one from the system causing an internal error

SmartGit 19.1.2
Fixed Bugs:
- Finish Release: Tag Message is not set to tag
- Finish Feature/Hotfix/Release: should not remeove remote branch if "push" option is deselected

- Commit view: temporary inconsistency might caused assertion

- Could become inconsistend between selected refs and shown commits
- When merging a tag (by right-clicking it), commit or other branch name on commit was used instead of the tag
- Adding/removing tag from local branch did not properly update local/remote state (orange vs. black nodes)
- Rebasing state: "done" labels might be in wrong order
- Repository state banner text could get focus with blinking caret, e.g. after having clicked (Rebase) Continue
- Internal error trying to open bare repository containing .git admin directory
- Window | Files tried to focus Directories view, even if hidden
- Pull: possible internal error if repository config could not be read
- Refresh: - reduced short-term memory usage
- Stash on Demand: asked to stash untracked files even if option to stash untracked files was unselected

- Cherry Picking a not yet pushed commit (= a commit without a revision) fails with "Aborting commit due to empty commit message "forgot" https credentials

- Possible internal error expanding a tree control

SmartGit 19.1.1
Fixed Bugs:
- Commit, Discard: invoking Compare for renamed file does not show source file, but only empty file

- Integrate did not honor custom base (if configured)
- Start Hotfix fails if an unrelated version-tag is present
- Start Release may suggest invalid (already existing) release name

- Tools: tools with only ${dirSelect} did not show up in menu
- Startup: under certain conditions always asks for confirmation to send bug traces

SmartGit 19.1.0
- GitLab: Open-link did not work for repositories in subgroups

- Cloning created 2 smartgit-*.tmp files in repository
- Duplicate tooltip in the status bar while cloning

- Docking: unmaximizing a view with double click could close another view
- If its (X) button was positioned at the same location

SmartGit 18.2.9
Fixed Bugs:
- Git-Flow, Finish Hotfix: when using external Git-Flow no "version tag" is created
- Support for new BitBucket API

SmartGit 18.2.8

New Features, Improvements:
- SSH: support user names wrapped in single-quotes, e.g. ssh://'[email protected]'@server:1234/path

Fixed Bugs:
- Linux launcher: only enforce GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus if it was set to xim
- macOS: an update of the installation bundle caused a directory to remain

Other Noteworthy Changes:
- increased version of bundled Git to 2.21.0

SmartGit 18.2.7

New Features, Improvements:
- Log: improved error message for "Inconsistency between (cached) commit data detected"
- https: added low-level property connection.https.trustedFingerprints to work around certificate problems with self-signed certificates and proxies
- SSH: authentication-related errors are reported now on re-occurring credentials dialog

Fixed Bugs:
- Refresh: false-positive "repository has an error-prone admin area configuration" message for submodules in worktrees
- setting smartgit.log.hostingProviderIntegrationEnabled=true should not disable Distributed Review add-on

- Repositories: opening a repository opened already in another window (working tree or log) causes internal error if renamed or deleted on disk (missing repository)
- Repository Settings on missing repository might cause internal error

Working Tree:
- Merge and other commands with embedded log: branch selection dialog should not hide remote, tracked branches

- Check for New Version: broken if "Automatically download and install updates" has been selected in the preferences
- Docking: maximizing and restoring one view by double clicking its title restores the wrong (too old) size

SmartGit 18.2.6

New Features, Improvements:
- Fetch (background): continues with next submodules if one failed
- Git-Flow: added low-level property gitflow.integrate.shortMergeMessage
- Journal: added low-level property journal.defaultAuxiliaryRef

- Repositories: disallow to delete submodules

Fixed Bugs:
- Commit: error "Cannot read file .../.gitbugtraq" if content is invalid

- Details: unexpected ID detection inside words
- Distributed Reviews: trying to reveal comment failed with "Comment ... could not be revealed"
- File log: Window | Repositories caused internal error
- mergable coloring used hard-to-see color for anchor in dark theme

- possible internal error have a large amount of renamed files
- low-level property "log.wt.refreshOpenButUnselectedModels did not work on nested roots

Working Tree:
- Show Changes: Compare with Each Other did not work for files from different repositories
- delete on submodule did not work anymore
- startup: command line parameter "--investigate" was broken
- unmodified SVN submodules in non-SVN parent repositories showed up if "Show Unchanged Files" was unselected
- JIRA/Bitbucket Server/GitLab: problems when trying to access servers which only support a limited set of ciphers (elliptic curves); installation upgrade is required!
- Windows bundles: fixed outdated readme.txt

SmartGit 18.2.5

New Features, Improvements:
- Gerrit added low-level property gerrit.checkCommitMsgHookContent to avoid false-positive Gerrit detection

- Branches, Checkout added low-level property log.checkout.forceSelectionOfBranchAnchor
- Linux startup script easier switching back to GTK2

Fixed Bugs:
- Commit Amend-option was disabled for merge

- Commits view revealing HEAD should always reveal HEAD and not stay at working tree node (e.g. double-clicking from Journal)

- log.wt.refreshOpenButUnselectedModels broke refresh of commits breaks in case of invalid Bisect configuration (missing "start" branch)

- Customize Accelerators dialog internal error if a filtered-out accelerator is cleared by setting another Compare/Merge, Apply Selection possible internal error if all was selected

SmartGit 18.2.4

New Features, Improvements:
- Details view: added low-level property
- Log.details.onlyShowActualCommitRefsWhenFiltered

- Support for Mercurial 4.8.*

Fixed Bugs:
Commits view:
- Reordering commits did not preserve selection
- Rebase/cherry-pick by drag & drop was broken
- When filtering, "actually on commit"-marker for refs (brighter box) was not properly evaluated

Branches view:
- Reveal after Checkout did not work for behind branch with
- "Just Checkout" option
- Checking out a branch should not reset a manually changed
- Selection
External tools: incorrect parameter "--defaultsVersion" (instead Of "--version") for "Show Git Version" tool (regression)
- Working Tree Window, Files view context menu: LFS submenu might
- Have been empty (if LFS was not yet installed)
- MacOS: warning about default osxkeychain credential helper

- Possible performance problems with many draft commits in a Repository with many merges
- Startup: possible internal error when specifying invalid value for
- Low-level property ui.verboseDate.weekdayFormat

- Changes view: scrolling with mouse-wheel over connector selected
- Next tab (if there were multiple tabs)
- Customize accelerators: did not warn about duplicate accelerators
- If the commands where invisible because of filtering

SmartGit 18.2.3

New Features, Improvements:
- Added low-level property log.dragAndDrop.offerAdvancedOperationsForDropsOntoAncestors to allow drag and drop for advanced rebase and cherry-pick operations
- Open File Log reuses Branches view selection from repository log

Repositories view:
- Select the current repository only if another repository or group was selected before (but, e.g., no subdirectory)

Fixed Bugs:
- Compare, Apply Selection: internal error applying change from an inserted block

- Git-Flow Light: for various command dialogs "Fetch" options were disabled
- Pull: "Update existing and fetch new tags" did not work for Git >= 2.20
- Refresh: obsolete modified working tree overlaps new commit for a short time, then vanishes

Working Tree window:
- Changes were not reported gradually anymore

- Several views: tab order cycled between table and search input field
- Find Command, Find Object: shortcuts were swapped

SmartGit 18.2.2

New Features:
- Repositories: added low-level property log.wt.refreshOpenButUnselectedModels
- To update the repository state of open, but not currently
- Selected repositories
- Pull with rebase, merge commit: added low-level property
- Pull.rebase.mergeCommit.mergeOrRebase to avoid merge-or-rebase dialog

Fixed Bugs:
- Index content might not have been displayed if file was
- Case-changed in working tree
- Staging hunk for case-changed file did not work

- Filter broke after changing low-level property
- Log.graph.graphicalFiltering in the preferences
- Switching branches lost Working Tree/Index selection
- File/Subdir log did not remember layout
- Repositories: state got lost when opening multiple repositories
- At once and having "Show Working Tree & Index Permanently"
- Selected
- File Compare: forgot about BOM

SmartGit 18.2.1

- Added low-level property log.graph.workingTreeAutoSelectionForConflicts to disable auto-selection of the working tree node if conflicts were detected

- Added low-level property ui.fonts.useDefaultAsInfo to make the info font the same as the default font (instead of a tinier, derived one)

Fixed Bugs:
- Clone listed only own repositories, but should have listed all with read-access ("member" role)
- GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket integration: internal error trying to merge on server
- Log - resettings filter should not auto-select Working Tree or Index node
- Repositories - could not invoke Pull/Push commands on group

- Proxy port was not remembered after switching off the proxy temporarily

- Some special SSH server setups caused an error "ClassNotFound:
- Org.ietf.jgss.GSSException" to be raised => these users should force an installation update from the About dialog using the button right beside the version text field

- Update check: multiple "The upgrade to version x is not covered by your license" notifications showed up

SmartGit 18.2

Fixed Bugs:
- Branches view: Ctrl+C did not copy ref name
- Changes view (Windows): old file content does not show up for case-changed files
- Push to Gerrit: should be available in case of multiple Gerrit remotes (if sill unique)

SmartGit 18.1.5

New Features and improvements:
- Push to Gerrit: if topic is entered, add topic to master-option, like "refs/for/master%topic=topic"

Fixed Bugs:
- Gitignore/Git-config editor: is bright even with dark theme
- Find Objects: possible internal error when entering a long search string
- Refresh/Log: rename detection limit should be 50% by default (as for Git)

- internal error if no Git executable is configured
- startup: possible internal error related to a bad settings.xml

SmartGit 18.1.4
- Change log not available for this version

SmartGit 18.1.3

Git (Log):
- Refresh: improved error message in case of bad stash-reflogs revealing a ref in an existing, filtered log window now resets the filter Updated bundled Git to version 2.17.1 (macOS, Windows; needs new installation or manual triggering of a genuine update in the About dialog)
- Bitbucket integration: improved error reporting
- Output dialog: remembers size (and location)
- Some hosting providers: added low-level property "json.enableGzip" to enable GZIP compression
- Setup wizard: added option to use (in the preferences, it was moved from the Commands > Log page to the Privacy page)

Fixed Bugs (Git):
- Commit Message view: entered message was not stored in the history
- Ignore: internal error trying to ignore directory with certain special characters like '[' in its name
- Local | Rename: allowed to rename the . directory

- internal error switching back from "Varying Coloring" to "Root Coloring" toggling individual pull requests did not work
- Log/Journal: - right-clicking an unselected commit showed commands for previously selected commit (Linux, macOS)
- Refresh: possible error for files with name "aux" (Windows)
- Stash Selection: failed with quotes in the message
- Bitbucket integration: problems parsing multiple reviewers
- GitHub integration (main window): certain errors were not reported
- GitLab integration: API version v3 is not supported any more

- recurring error "The fingerprint of the SSH server has changed"
- an invalid .ssh/known_hosts file might show a lot of notifications about the failed read
- Tools: internal error invoking tool on repository located on drive root (Windows)
- Upgrade (Windows): possible "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" error

SmartGit 18.1.2

New Features and improvements:
- Log: re-introduced former "varying" coloring
- added low-level property compare.gitCompatibleBinaryDetection

Fixed Bugs:
- interactive rebased timed out after 2min (Windows)

- possible "Node ... not found" error when opening repository
- right-clicking loses selection if scrolled down
- Rebase Head To: "Can't rebase HEAD to HEAD or an anchestor commit" error if
- HEAD is hidden

- Conflict Solver: did not open for graft-conflicts
- Log: internal error when opening in Rebasing state
- SSH: certain problems with private key authentication (depending on files
- parallel to the provided private key file)

Linux bundle:
- added work-around for reg-ex related Java crashes caused by syntax
- highlighting code
- DEB bundle did not start on Ubuntu 18.04

SmartGit 18.1.1

New features and improvements:
- Git-Flow: if the low-level property gitflow.requireCleanWorktreeOnStart is set to true, starting a feature or hotfix with local changes will abort
- Log: if low-level property log.graph.displayCommitDateForAuthor is set to true, it will show the author, but the commit (instead of the author) date
- Output: if low-level property output.showOnlyIfViewInvisible is set to false, the Output dialog is shown independent of the Output view's visibility

Fixed Bugs:
- Blame: memory leak
- Edit Last Commit Message: internal error when in bisecting mode
- Journal, Move & Squash: when dragging onto first pushed commit, no "already pushed" warning was displayed memory leak when switching between repositories frequently quotes around filter definitions, e.g. git-crypt, caused errors starting these commands possible error "Raw log messge does not parse as log entry"
- Refresh: internal error when opening repositories with core.worktree set

- Refresh: possible hang related to conflicts
- Compare: Ignore Whitespace should not display completely unchanged blocks as changed

SmartGit 18.1.0

- Possible internal error opening log in merging or rebasing state
- Added system property smartgit.nodecache.maxCachesToKeepInMemory to limit the log caches to keep in memory

Investigate (DeepGit):
- Memory leak
- Wrong colors used for system-independent light theme
- Various commands with dialog-based Log (Checkout, Merge, ...): graph filter options missing in File input field's drop-down menu

SmartGit 17.1.6 Build 11221

New features and improvements:
- Log, Tools menu: allow tools that operate on the repository using ${repositoryRootPath}

Fixed bugs:
- Git-Flow: when merging, stop processing if merge aborts due to file permission problems
- Refresh: possible internal error for special characters in file name and wrong system charset
- Stash Selection: contained redundant "--" when invoking "git stash push"

SmartGit 17.1.5 Build 11217

New features and improvements:
- built-in SSH client: support for diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256

Fixed Bugs:
- Git:
  - Log:
    - Compare:
      - Linux/GTK2: possible internal error painting comments
      - too large font was used for comments
- SVN: changing URL did not work reliable - disabled
- Bitbucket: possible 401 authentication failures after redoing OAuth
  authentication while SmartGit is running

SmartGit 17.1.4 Build 11213

External Diff tools:
- set system property "" to true to apply
- filter..smudge
- System property "smartgit.executable.home" supports $USERPROFILE on Windows
- support for Git 2.16's SSH client detection ("The SSH server '-G' could not be found")

Fixed Bugs:
- after a fresh setup, "Mark as Favorite" notification comes up again every couple of seconds when dismissing with red x
- Changes view, Index Editor: staging LF-only files converted it to CRLF in Index
- Investigate: Open Log may result in internal error if Blame was not yet initialized

- Branches: toggling single branch in unselected category may add additional 2nd-level branch to selection
- Changes: Compact Changes option did not work (regression)
- Refresh: internal error related to renamed files

User interface:
- Preferences, Text Editor colors: ruler colors were not applied/stored
- OS X: possible internal error related to connecting/disconnecting monitors update check: did remind user to enable update check while it was disabled by system property

SmartGit 17.1.3 Build 11198

New Features, Improvements:
- Log: the count of the loaded commits is now hidden by default (set smartgit.log.commits.showLoadedCount to true to show it)
- JIRA integration: option smartgit.jira.fixResolutionId to specify the issue resolution ID that should be used to mark issues as resolved
- Set smartgit.updateCheck.checkForLatestBuildVisible to false to hide Help | Check for Latest Build
- Investigate: don't require DeepGit license for licensed SmartGit users

Fixed Bugs:

- Merge, Abort and others: could not be invoked if .gitmodules was in conflicting state

- Include with relative path like ../.gitconfig did not work in .git/config
- Wrong display after creating orphan branch
- Review comments: not able to add first comment to file

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