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Emby Server

Emby Server
BlueStacks 是第一個可以讓你在 Windows PC 上使用你最喜歡的移動應用程序的軟件。您可以下載如 Angry Birds Space,Candy Crush Saga,Telegram,Temple Run 2,Evernote 或 Documents 等應用程序直接進入 BlueStack,或使用 BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android 應用程序同步手機中的應用程序。 Basiclly 這個應用程序是一個 PC 機的 Android 模擬器。 BlueStacks 免費下載 Windows PC 的最新版本。它是 BlueStacks 的完全離線安裝程序安裝程序.

BlueStacks 功能:
Android 應用程序在您的 PC 或平板電腦上快速全屏顯示使用 Cloud Connect 移動應用程序將應用程序從您的手機推送到您的 BlueStacks 在舊款平板電腦和上網本上運行速度可能不會很快下載應用程序來自 Google Play 附帶預先安裝的遊戲和應用程序注意:需要.NET Framework.

也可以下載 BlueStacks for Mac


檔案版本 Emby Server

檔案名稱 setup.exe
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 BlueStacks Team
更新日期 2021-05-20

What's new in this version:

Emby Server
- Improve database/user interface performance in all Emby apps
- Add WMC-inspired channel management screen to support disabling channels, reordering, and remapping guide data.
- Rework storage model for Collections
- Support reading Collections from movie nfo files
- Merge AutoBoxSets plugin features into the server as movie library options
- Improve Linux QuickSync support
- Add more field options for display in lists
- Support HDR tone mapping when transcoding
- Group programs in live tv suggestions and search
- Add Other Showings section to live tv program detail screens
- Add LIVE button to live tv guide
- Adjust extracted images for HDR videos
- Add favorites to context menu
- Add mark played to context menu
- Run sqlite optimize on server shutdown
- Unify live tv channel sorting options in all places (guide, channels tab, on now, etc)
- Add "Clear Manual Mapping" button to live tv channel mapper
- Fix rare case of tuner being left open following a recording with a series whose name ends in a dot
- Fix episode images being saved with incorrect file name
- Fix custom collection images reverting to default auto-generated images
- Rework display of locked fields in metadata editor
- Add hidden config switch to optimize databases on shutdown
- Improve detection of supported formats for Dlna devices
- Support multi-select in list views
- Support drag and drop backdrop reordering
- Support multi-select remove from playlist/collection
- Support setting an image from a URL
- Improve single channel program list display
- Include all subtitle streams with conversion and download features, when possible
- Prefer D3D11 QuickSync codecs by priority
- Add h264_mmal decoder
- Improve performance of Live TV Guide refresh
- Improve 3D detection from file names
- Support SXXEXX episode numbers in xml tv guide data
- Ensure proper handling of yuv422p10 color format
- Fix repeated unzipping in xmltv provider, causing excess disk space to be consumed
- Improve Dlna device detection
- Significantly reduce Dlna message chatter with devices on the network
- Support series-id tags from xmltv
- Fix genre screen occasionally being empty depending on where you came from
- Support discnumber audio tag in addition to disc
- Fix odd, alternating behavior when refreshing metadata while replacing images
- Make determination of series recording path a little smarter about finding existing series in the library
- Fix incorrect conversion job status being reported when converting
- Restore death date on person detail screen
- Default folder browsing to list when all items are audio tracks
- Improve dynamic data refreshing on detail screen
- Fix key presses affecting video OSD while popup dialogs are open and have focus
- Fix remote control restarting playback in some cases
- Add adult metadata library option
- Move option to save metadata as hidden files to per-library option
- Fix custom genre images being replaced
- Sanitize data from metadata editor to prevent accidental user error such as trailing spaces
- Support special episodes in Continue Watching & Play All
- Update scheduled task logging to try and avoid preventing Synology NAS servers from being able to sleep
- Improve MMAL codec support
- Improve Roku remote control support
- Rework device access with new user permission to hide users from login screens on devices they've never signed into before
- Support episode backdrops in season folder
- Support extras in playlists
- Add additional fixes for downloading txt format subtitles
- Add user profile options to control if audio & subtitle track selections are remembered per video
- Add buttons in user profile options to clear all existing saved audio and subtitle track selections
- Add HDR info to video stream titles
- Check first ip of x-forwarded-for
- Have realtime monitor ignore .DS_Store
- Support downloading live tv channel logos in multiple colors to allow Emby apps to choose the most appropriate logo depending on the user's chosen color theme.
- Prefer Artist tag over Artists when there is only one artist
- Improve handling of invalid content-type header when downloading images
- Support Live TV channel groups by adding channels to Collections
- Support reading live tv channel group information from m3u tuners
- Add multi-select filtering support
- Merge next up into continue watching
- Support remove from continue watching
- Add home videos landing screen option
- Support clicking individual text items in list items
- Support add to play queue with drag and drop
- Support add to playlists and collections with drag and drop
- Add profile checking for MP2Video hardware decoders
- Add title and image to context menus
- Support playback speed control during audio playback
- Add button to clear filters when no results are returned
- Add Nvidia NVDEC decoder variant for HEVC
- VAAPI: Use color formats from detection
- Prevent ffmpeg hw processing of 10bit when device doesn't support it
- Fix play all/shuffle on collections comprised of folders
- Support EP.01 episode naming
- Resolve slow file read/write performance on Windows
- Improve recovery from invalid configuration in the lan networks setting
- Fix successful audio conversions misinterpreted as failures
- Various fixes for codec level detection
- Improve detail screen backdrop display
- Fix Nvidia HEVC level detection
- Make media info visible accessible in TV display mode
- Reduce messaging from server to android and iOS apps causing the app background processes to run
- Fix interlaced video being incorrectly stream copied with HLS
- Fix remote play of playlists being sorted by name
- Show songs on artist detail screen
- Add delete, download and preview functions to external subtitle tracks in media info section
- Support downloading subtitles during video playback
- Support manipulating the play queue of remote controlled players
- Fix webp image support not being used in certain cases
- Update same time recording threshold to 15 minutes
- Improve local network address detection
- Block windows 8 & 2012 from using http2
- Fix repeated subtitle downloads of .sub format
- Add http version to server log
- Improve subtitle track selection when always show subtitles is selected
- Expand artist split whitelist
- Fix undefined dlna display name
- Improve ability of other devices to discover emby server
- New search interface for mobile and desktop
- Add top results section to search
- Improve searching for songs using album name
- Fix channel logos intermittently disappearing while scrolling the guide in Firefox
- Fix incorrect iOS scroll after cancelling context menu
- Fix artists added to collections not showing

Emby Server
- Fix regression in 4.5.3 causing slow browsing and search performance in certain situations
- Fix regression in 4.5.2 causing incorrect items to be queued to conversion tasks
- Fix Nvidia HEVC level detection

Emby Server
- Support adjusting subtitle offset in web app video player
- Support adjusting playback rate in web app video player
- Update to .NET Core runtime 3.1.7
- Re-activate http2 features
- Improve scrolling performance in Live TV guide
- Fix Nvidia color conversion from mjpeg with yuvj422p
- Fix Nvidia level calculation
- Fix Live TV radio playback
- Improve http server performance by consolidating layers of data flow
- Improve database performance via index adjustments
- Reduce database writes when saving new items and refreshing metadata
- Improve conversion chances of downloaded txt format subtitles
- Add mmal into ffmpeg builds for RPI
- Fix pageup/pagedown in Emby web app
- Fix admin editing settings for other user
- Fix transcoding of m4v files
- Fix space bar during video playback with Vivaldi browser
- Handle multiple addresses in x-forwarded-for
- Resolve intermittent active recordings display problem
- Fix multi-select refresh metadata
- Fix automatic restart to avoid attempting to restart multiple times
- Fix download jobs getting duplicated
- Allow include tags to override parental rating restriction
- Alac playback fixes
- Opera browser playback fixes
- API: require admin to get full server configuration
- Fix extras with multi-version movies
- Improve image downloader presentation
- Fix adding playlist to a playlist
- Improve scrolling performance in Live TV guide
- Fix season 0 items out of order
- Fix manual metadata edits of movie extras being lost
- Support embedded creation_time in exif data for videos
- API: Require admin rights to get all users list
- API: Require admin rights to get list of detected hardware transcoders
- Fix active sessions filter
- Fix add to collections/playlists menu getting cut off in certain situations
- Fix certain situations where an admin editing another user's profile would not be able to see all options
- Fix H264 preset configuration
- Improve cleanup of missing episodes
- Fix rotation of dynamic images
- Ignore unsupported subtitle formats when searching for downloads
- Support other folder as alias to extras
- Add au/ra artist exception
- Support .aax audio files
- Adjust backdrop image save file names
- Support tags in people queries
- Improve performance of adding to collections
- Fix crash when uploading jfjf user image
- Add audio language filters
- Add subtitle language filters
- fix India and Kazakhstan parental ratings
- Ignore @Recently-Snapshot for QNAP
- Fix the list of available parental rating choices in the metadata editor when the library metadata language differs from the server default
- Fix HD Homerun with TVHeadend
- Disable missing episodes for dvd and absolute order
- Fix second theme song being played in foreground
- Fix occasional errant scrollbar on video detail screen
- Incorporate resume into Ends at display
- Show music videos for artist
- Add favorite channels
- Improve codec selection when streaming with Edge browser
- Minor freshening up of dark themes
- Fix configuring series settings right after creating series
- Fix query with AlternateMediaSources
- Rtsp fixes
- Fix rare transcoding failures when media info is absent
- Add green subtitle color option
- Don't download subtitles for disc placeholders
- Improve Denmark rating options
- Support yyyyMMdd episode by date format
- Improve multi-version display names
- Fix cinema mode with local trailers that don't have a rating
- Fix multi-select delete option not showing
- Fix content type being lost for restored libraries
- Fix videos that were split apart getting rejoined on next scan
- Improve recovery from bad image urls
- Allow left menu to be pinned as a sidebar
- Allow left menu sections to be collapsible
- Various fixes for adding items to playlists
- Avoid duplicate terms in version display name
- Support backdrops on list screen
- Remove background overlay from context menus
- Fix remote content (strm files) ignoring quality setting

Emby Server 4.4.3
- Improve performance of live tv guide
- Fix movie extras with multi-version videos
- Fix adding playlist to playlist
- Improve cleanup of missing episodes
- Fix rotation of dynamic images
- Fix manual metadata edits of extras getting lost
- Fix active sessions filter
- Work around a bug in MSDK where VPP processing hangs under certain conditions
- Fix qsv color conversion: Older devices 3,4 and 5th gen CPUs do not support 10bit and the color conversion cannot be done in hardware
- Ignore unsupported subtitle formats when searching for downloads
- Convert downloaded txt subtitles to srt
- Don't extract thumbnails for extras
- Improve display language of manual image downloading
- Deactivate GraphRunner debug messages

Emby Server 4.4.2
- m4v transcoding fixes
- alac audio playback fixes
- opera browser direct play improvements

Emby Server 4.4.1
- Fix Nvidia color conversion from mjpeg with yuvj422p
- Fix Nvidia level calculation
- Fix Live TV radio playback
- Support tags in people queries
- Fix pageup/pagedown in Emby web app
- Fix admin editing settings for other user
- Fix transcoding of m4v files
- Fix space bar during video playback with Vivaldi browser
- Handle multiple addresses in x-forwarded-for
- Resolve intermittent active recordings display problem
- Fix multi-select refresh metadata
- Fix automatic restart to avoid attempting to restart multiple times
- Fix download jobs getting duplicated

Emby Server
- Added virtual scrolling for most vertical lists
- Update all platforms to .NET Core 3.1
- Improve support for transcoding 10-bit content with hardware acceleration
- Fix Nvidia scaling problem with anamorphic video
- Fix sort title comparisons with special characters
- Various fixes and improvements with QuickSync transcoding
- Support http2 on Windows and Linux
- Allow downloading multiple subtitles in same language
- Unify all web app settings areas
- Improve performance of download and convert features
- Improve automatic multi-version selection
- Fix direct streams of in-progress recordings
- Improve detail screen for music albums and playlists
- Update play button on series posters to play next episode
- Added Indian parental ratings
- Improve detail screen for videos and series
- Redesign add to playlists & collections
- Improve 3D format detection
- Fix user access not being enforced with multi-version movies
- Support parsing 8-digit Imdb Id's in nfo files
- Fix chapter image extraction for .ts files
- Support extracting years from file names beginning with braces, as well as more messy bracket patters
- Fix invalid output file duration with graphical subtitle overlay
- Fix web socket notifications not respecting library sub-folder access
- Shorten several web app urls
- Image extraction: fix formatting negative duration
- Fix invalid audio filter use (-af)
- Improve channel logo assignments
- Fix logos cropping whitespace
- Allow nfo's for extras
- Improve auto-generated audio track display names
- Reduce scheduled task logging to address hibernation problems on Synology
- Various sorting fixes (most apply to new server installations only)
- Improve search results messages when no items are found
- Prevent 2017-2019 from being picked up as season and episode numbers
- Fixes for display of Chinese language name with subtitles
- Improve performance of android server
- Support Brotli compression with android server
- Fix folder sync deleting original files
- Support searching for tags
- Improve instant mix when no genres are present
- Improve replace existing images option with metadata refreshes to be less destructive
- Add 8K display title
- Various fixes for detecting multi-part videos
- Fix sorting for multi-part videos
- Fix wma audio files with Dlna
- Write HVC1 tag when converting videos with hevc to an MP4 container
- Update Norwegian parental ratings
- Add Swedish parental ratings
- Improve camera upload error handling
- Allow preview of manual subtitle downloads
- Fix wav file playback with DTS audio
- Don't group into collections when filtering on favorites
- Reduce http request logging
- Clear metadata lock when using identify feature
- Add channel number sort option
- Add additional view options to playlists tab under music
- Fix subtitle conversions from smb shares
- Update multi-select to only show applicable options based on selections
- Fix repeated download of Chinese subtitles
- Fixes for manual grouping/ungrouping of multiple videos
- Fix parsing of 2020 year in movie file names

Emby Server
- Fix arm64 transcoding crashes
- Fix stopping live streams killing recordings
- Fix m3u tuners with m3u8 sources
- Fix photo downloads
- Fix missing PlaybackPositionTicks in PlaybackStart event - Trakt
- Fix server uninstaller
- Fix changing audio tracks when remote controlling another app
- Add black theme option
- Improve light theme

Emby Server
- Fix music playback freeze on Xbox One

Emby Server
- Update to .NET Core 2.1 RC1
- Update to ffmpeg 4.0
- Update to SkiaSharp 1.60
- Update to sqlite 3.24.0
- Support Emby Server for Western Digital NAS
- Mono-based releases now require mono 5.4+
- Improve live tv recording process from m3u
- Rework hover menus
- Fix click destination on photo albums in search results
- Virtualize persisted metadata paths
- Fix dlna server availability in mono releases
- Fix xmltv support in mono releases
- Update collection visibility per user
- Update default audio track selection
- Update date in recording file names
- Resolve sporadic issue of not being able to start live tv
- Update naming for next up sync jobs
- Fix Romanian text encoding
- Fix Thai text encoding
- Improve tvdb series queries
- Improve musicbrainz artist queries
- Add playlists to search results
- Fix playlist queries
- Fix issue when attempting to sign into local server using Emby Connect credentials
- Fix m2ts files not showing up in DLNA
- Fix subtitle resizing on window resize in firefox
- Add blue radiance theme option
- Add convert option to replace original files
- Rework devices display
- Fix erroneous Emby Connect invitation error messages
- Fix recognition of episode numbers greater than 365
- Update albums per artist to be based on album artist only
- Update more from albums to be based on album artist only

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