最新版本 DisplayFusion 9.6

DisplayFusion 9.6

DisplayFusion 9.6
BitTorrent 是一個旨在傳輸文件的對等協議。用戶直接連接發送和接收文件的一部分,而中央跟踪器協調所有同行的行為,並管理連接,而不知道被分發文件的內容。通過 BitTorrent,用戶可以在下載的同時上傳,因此可以盡可能高效地管理網絡帶寬。 BitTorrent 被設計為比其他文件傳輸協議更好地工作,因為對某個文件感興趣的人數增加.

使用易於使用的 BitTorrent 離線安裝程序下載大文件。享受快速,簡單的界面,強大的選項和更多。現在開始免費,無限制的下載.

BitTorrent 主要特點:


下載千兆字節。下載 terabytes。分配 PB 字節。使用 BitTorrent 時,您可以下載的文件數量或可以移動的數據量沒有限制.

即時下載。您無需等待文件完成下載即可開始使用它們。按媒體文件播放,並在下載時觀看,收聽或閱讀。下載 BitTorrent 離線安裝程序安裝!

優化您的連接速度。 BitTorrent 根據您的網絡和 Internet 連接自動調整帶寬使用情況,以確保快速傳輸文件。您的下載在後台運行。這意味著他們永遠不會放慢視頻聊天或遊戲.

也可用:下載 BitTorrent 為 Mac


檔案版本 DisplayFusion 9.6

檔案名稱 DisplayFusionSetup-9.6.exe
檔案大小 90.1 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 BitTorrent Inc
更新日期 2019-12-21

What's new in this version:

- If auto-updater fails to run, please try disabling your anti-virus before running the updater

- Added anonymized telemetry for crashes (you can disable this with an Advanced Setting)
- New Wallpaper provider: WallHaven
- Added Advanced Setting for adjusting the gap between lines on the taskbar clock
- Added Advanced Setting for disabling tray notifications for Scripted Functions called from Triggers
- New Advanced Setting to adjust taskbar button icon size (only affects DF taskbar)
- "Restore Window Positions from Last Save" function now ignores windows with empty window text to speed up restores
- Added a "Restore Trial Key" button to License Key tab for those that want to switch between Free and Pro during the trial
- Added a Trigger rule option to skip the rule if the desktop is locked

- Overhauled Monitor Config/Profile code to resolve some issues with applying configurations and profiles (if you are having trouble loading Monitor Profiles, try re-saving them)
- Monitor cloning in Monitor Config and Monitor Profiles now works with DisplayLink USB adapters and docks
- Loading a Monitor Profile with splits via a Scripted Function now applies the splits correctly
- Monitor Configuration and Monitor Profiles can now set 120 Hz correctly on TVs
- DisplayFusion can now disable NVIDIA helper processes when using Surround + Monitor Splitting with DCH drivers
- Resolved a GDI object leak when Monitor Fading is enabled
- Resolved an issue where the wrong monitor order was detected in some cases
- Select Application window no longer slow to load
- Login for Flickr wallpaper plugin now works
- Edge no longer moves to next monitor when middle-clicking a tab or dragging a tab to another monitor
- No longer hooking MSRA.exe to prevent it from crashing
- Resolved an issue where the screen would be blank after exiting the screen saver on some systems
- PSPad taskbar button now moves to the DisplayFusion taskbar correctly
- Edge (UWP) no longer shows multiple entries in Alt+Tab
- "Prevent mouse cursor from snagging..." option now works with monitors stacked vertically
- Resolved an issue where the audio device assigned to a Monitor Profile wouldn't get set in rare cases
- CPU usage improvements in cases where windows are changing focus quickly
- TitleBar Buttons should now get added to WebEx windows
- Functions are no longer delayed on windows that are maximized to monitor splits
- UWP Remote Desktop application now constrains to monitor splits correctly
- Caption buttons on windows with custom caption bars now work correctly with monitor splits
- Blacklisted application hooks for Halo Wars and Rage 2
- Resolved an issue where Trigger rules didn't work correctly if the "Maximized" checkbox was enabled
- Balabolka now moves to the DisplayFusion taskbar correctly
- HPE Product Bulletin app now moves to DisplayFusion taskbar correctly
- Alt+Tab no longer shows an entry for "Microsoft Text Input Application"
- Resolved an issue where Functions didn't work correctly in some cases (e.g. connecting via RDP)
- My Images wallpaper source now supports JFIF image format
- Disabled tooltips in list views if the text is not already truncated
- Selection on Settings > Compatibility tab will be retained after applying the setting

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