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最新版本 Nextcloud 3.2.0

Nextcloud 3.2.0

Nextcloud 3.2.0
Audials One 是最好的在大規模,快速,合法和免費的音樂檢索!只有 Audials One 可以監視成千上萬的電台,同時搜索互聯網上最好的音樂來源。這意味著它可以自動獲得所需的音樂,以最高的質量和驚人的速度,將其傳送到您的 PC 的硬盤,雲端或通過互聯網連接的移動設備上.

無線電台,音樂流,視頻剪輯而來自視頻流的電影則由 Audials One 記錄,並以最高質量保存為單個文件。這意味著您可以從互聯網上搶走任何不受保護和受保護的媒體,並隨時隨地在您的個人電腦,智能手機或平板電腦上欣賞!


85 文件格式和 84 設備配置文件提供給您,以確保最簡單的使用。這使您可以復制和存檔音樂,視頻,有聲讀物,播客,電影和 DVD,並將其轉換為智能手機,平板電腦和遊戲機的正確格式。感謝 Audials One,複製保護和文件格式的問題已成為過去.

Audials One 不僅提供免費無限的娛樂,而且還增加了多個額外的交易讓你享受你的媒體。您可以快速輕鬆地找到新的電台,並在 Audials 播放器中方便地收聽。您的媒體和音樂收藏無論大小如何,都可以在個人電腦,雲端和移動設備上的 Audials Music Universe 中獨立管理和圖形化管理。一切都已經考慮在內,以便您可以坐下來享受!



檔案版本 Nextcloud 3.2.0

檔案名稱 Nextcloud-3.2.0-x64.msi
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Audials AG
更新日期 2021-04-13

What's new in this version:

- Status feature
- Replace dots with ellipses and add spaces
- Move space in "owncloudadvancedsetuppage.cpp"
- Move space in "folderwizard.cpp"
- Change the quotation marks
- Add push notifications for file changes
- Compile nextcoud gui as separate library
- Avoid keeping Account alive via a shared ptr in ClientSideEncryption
- Default to colored systray on linux
- E2ee fix rename root folder issue & Fix upload stuck issue due to incorrect Lock/Unlock sequence
- Fix build against Qt 5.15.3
- Removed blank before colon
- Fixes for wizard advanced setup
- VFS CfAPI implementation shouldn't get stuck
- Start file conflict resolve dialog asynchronous
- Don't treat new folders in unpinned folders as files to dehydrate
- Use push notifications for Tray activities/notifications fetch trigger
- Reduce exempt labels list to give a chance to stale bot to do something
- Specify PUBLIC for the link targets to make them visible to windeployqt
- Revert "Specify PUBLIC for the link targets to make them visible to w…
- Repair E2EE on sync folders which don't point to the root of the server on the remote end
- Documentation: break line in config example
- Improve wizard ui
- Allow creation of new folders from the Settings Dialog
- Load the theme resource explictly
- Win tests compilation fix
- Move FolderCreationDialog into the OCC namespace
- Validate sensitive URLs to onle allow http(s) schemes
- Configuration Options for Windows Registry
- Validate the providers ssl certificate
- Fix incorrect logger output for non-Latin strings
- Add missing override specifier
- WIP: Build Instructions
- Do not add debug build to startup programs
- Stale: issue must have bug and must not have approved label
- Fix crash when opening conflict dialog
- Move from stale bot to stale action
- Log error message from CFAPI
- VFS Windows: Fix download of large files
- Add missing error handling for downloads of client side encryption
- Do no include glib.h with extern C
- Split content of User::isValueableActivity()
- Do not include glib.h with extern C (2)
- Refresh Windows download dialog progress when hydrating a placeholder
- Bump version to 3.1.81
- Display the content of the login dialog correct
- Fix crash when trying to open the folder creation dialog
- Repair basic auth support
- Fix incorrect type when reading the 'logExpire' property from config.
- Don't customize settings dialog palette
- Don't check against product name if checking server version
- CFAPI: Handle cancelation of hydration requests
- Update documentation for the account wizard
- Fix for Windows CreateFile long path
- Increase logging around file removal events
- Enable high dpi scaling on all platforms
- Check reading from journal was successful before remove placeholder
- L10n: Change sync message
- Bump version to 3.1.82.
- Don't deploy bearer plugin on MacOS
- Temp fix for vfs failure.
- Fix VFS CfAPI Syncroot Register Error
- Bump version to 3.1.83.
- Remove html tags from strings that may appear in notifications
- Fix VFX Windows .lnk files freeze/crash issue
- Reduce Socket API logging
- Create std::wstrings out of const wchar_t* so a copy is created every time
- Use QFileInfo to check if path is absolute to avoid assert on windows
- User status bug fixing...
- Bump version to 3.2.0.
- [stable-3.2] Embed version and icon into windows executable

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