Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

最新版本 Mailspring 1.7.1

Mailspring 1.7.1

Mailspring 1.7.1
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 是一個全面的系統優化和 PC 安全程序,它提供了全面的,自動的,有效的保護,抵禦各種安全威脅,惡意攻擊,隱私洩露,修復系統變慢,死機和崩潰。您的電腦的終極保護和終極性能!

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 功能:

Top 反病毒技術
一旦您的計算機感染了病毒,它會盜取您的硬盤空間或 CPU 時間,訪問您的私人信息,甚至損壞您的計算機。 Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8,具有頂級殺毒功能,是保護您健康安全的電腦的必備保障,通過檢測,阻擋和清除各種病毒和惡意軟件.

具有實時防護功能,Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 將立即防止病毒& 在惡意軟件損害您的電腦之前,通過通知您是否有任何惡意程序試圖安裝在您的計算機上,從而在您的計算機上運行惡意軟件。更好的隱私保護
惡意瀏覽器插件會跟踪您的在線活動並竊取您的個人信息,例如銀行帳戶,電子郵件或其他社交帳戶。通過衝浪保護,瀏覽器反跟踪和網頁保護,Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 將保持您的隱私保密,清理您的衝浪痕跡,並恢復您的劫持 browser.

速度提高了 300%PC
Incorporated 綜合 PC 調整能力,Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 提供保護系統減速,凍結和崩潰,而不會放慢你的系統,並通過提高啟動速度,優化註冊表,以及刪除不需要的應用程序和其他無用的文件,使您的計算機變得更慢,讓您的 PC 像新的一樣運行.

注意:免費試試(30 天試用).


檔案版本 Mailspring 1.7.1

檔案名稱 MailspringSetup.exe
檔案大小 110 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 IObit Lab
更新日期 2019-10-15

What's new in this version:

- Mailspring now displays unread mail notifications reliably, fixing a race-condition that occurred when new messages were synced too fast
- You can now re-order your email acccounts via drag and drop in Preferences > Accounts
- Mailspring always displays non-inline image attachments as files in the composer. Previously they looked identical to inline images
- The French, Slovenian, Portuguese, German, Tamil, and Chinese translations have been improved
- Mailspring does a better job removing quoted text formatted by very old versions of Outlook
- Mailspring no longer freezes when you type al ink with a "#hash" and then press return
- On Linux and Windows, the system tray no longer turns blue whenever the app's window is hidden
- A new option in Preferences > General allows you to disable the shortening of recipient names
- A new option in Preferences > General allows you to expand message headers by default
- Mailspring's icon now appears square in the Windows Start menu
- You can now dismiss Mailspring's upgrade prompt on Linux
- Social links in Mailspring's sidebar now properly contain the www. prefix when required
- You can now type date shorthands (eg: "2d" or "2w") into the snooze date picker

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