最新版本 DS4Windows 2.1.23 (64-bit)

DS4Windows 2.1.23 (64-bit)

DS4Windows 2.1.23 (64-bit)
ADVANCED Codecs 為 Windows 7/8/10 是一個音頻和視頻編解碼器包。包括 32 位和 64 位版本。 ADVANCED 版本包含一整套編解碼器,標準編解碼器只包含 LAV 濾鏡和用於字幕的 xy-VSFilter.6235896
對於大多數用戶而言,編解碼器一直是個問題。這是因為從來沒有一個“開箱即用”的工作解決方案,一般的電腦用戶可以安裝,只是從一開始就正常工作。有幾個體面的編解碼器包解決方案,但他們沒有做我想要的一切。我總是需要調整,調整,甚至是重新安裝,以獲得我所需要 / 需要的編解碼器,大部分時間,文件仍然無法正常播放。這種挫敗感是我開始製作一個適用於所有播放器的 codecpack 的基礎.



檔案版本 DS4Windows 2.1.23 (64-bit)

系統 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Shark007
更新日期 2020-12-26

What's new in this version:

- Updated App.config file with proper .NET Framework version
- Added support for mapping DualSense Mute button
- Fixed Dark theme crashing app in Windows 7. Removed Aero2 elements from Dark theme
- Disable apply button when creating a new profile. Further enforce current flow
- Added feature set check before generating CRC-32 output data
- Fixed theme style for SaveWhere window
- Corrected KeyDown and KeyUp images in Macro editor
- Split DS4HapticState to two structs. Separate force feedback data from lightbar color
- Added -command cycle cmd flag. Allows for an easy on/off shortcut without having to set any conditions. Contribution by wingfixer
- Changed AutoProfile EXE file extension check to be case-sensitive. Contribution by mika-n
- Added MinWidth back in Dark theme for combobox. Was removed with Aero2 tags
- Updated Russian translation file. Contribution by shikulja
- Don't display data write failure if device is known to be disconnecting. Hopefully eliminates excessive gamepad write failure log messages when Idle Disconnect is executed.
- Tweaked axis scaling to output Xbox 360 axis. Low end now can scale to 0 properly

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