ACDSee Photo Studio Professional (64-bit)

最新版本 GameMaker Studio 2.1.4 Build 285

GameMaker Studio 2.1.4 Build 285

GameMaker Studio 2.1.4 Build 285
作為一個成熟的 RAW 編輯器和數字資產管理解決方案,ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 64bit 充滿了你所需要的一切,以便掌握你的攝影工作流程。隨著性能的提高,這款富含 GPU 的軟件繼續呈現出不斷擴展的改進列表,旨在簡化您的流程,並為您的映像開發提供具有競爭力的專業優勢。下載適用於 Windows PC 的 ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 64bit!

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 功能:

綜合性 RAW Editor
利用 Photo Studio Ultimate 內置的超過 500 種相機型號支持您的 RAW 圖像。為了獲得最佳的自由度,請從相機捕獲的粗略數據開始,使用曝光,對比度,顏色,修復,銳化和其他基於細節的工具對其進行轉換.



創造性的圖像處理從未如此流暢。液化工具可以讓您扭曲圖像中的物體而不影響質量。移位,捏,凸起或恢復。開發自由流動的設計,或通過移動像素而不改變它們來潤飾肖像。 * 僅適用於 64 位.

使用 ACDSee Mobile Sync,您可以通過移動設備無線和即時地將照片和視頻直接發送到 ACDSee Photo Studio Professional (64-bit)!只需選擇並發送。在 iPhone 和 Android 上可用,ACDSee Mobile Sync 應用程序會跟踪哪些照片已發送,因此您不必這樣做。通過靈活的選擇選項和可配置的文件名和子文件夾縮放流程。編輯和傳輸元數據,同時利用 iPhone 上的 RAW 支持.

Intelligent& 高級調整
成為圖像中光線和色彩的主人。用數學精確度控制亮度,飽和度,色調和振動。直觀的照明調節工具使您可以輕鬆地使用我們的專利 Light EQTM 調節曝光。技術。劇烈轉換特定區域的燈光,不影響整體圖像,或微妙地調整個別的音色帶.

注意:32 天試用版.


檔案版本 GameMaker Studio 2.1.4 Build 285

檔案名稱 GameMakerStudio-Installer-
檔案大小 177 MB
系統 Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 ACD Systems Inc
更新日期 2018-04-06

What's new in this version:

French, German and Spanish Language Support:
- Choose which language you would like to use during the installer, this choice will carry through into the IDE and the corresponding manual will be downloaded during the first run of the IDE
- If you want to change your language after install this is still possible via 'Preferences -> General Settings'

User login performance/stability fixes:
- The initial startup sequence for network connectivity checks and user-login has been improved, so you should no longer see long stalls during startup
- However, if you are still having issues please contact the Helpdesk for further support

Resource Tree improvements:
- Resource reordering is now easier and clearer to understand, thanks to a new visual indicator as you drag resources in the tree
- Further optimisations have been made for all tree views to improve the performance of the IDE when editing large projects

Per-configuration #macro support:
- Added the ability to override macro definitions in different configs using the syntax #macro CONFIGNAME:MACRONAME
- E.g, #macro MOVESPEED 10 could be overidden on the next line by #macro WINDOWS:MOVESPEED 12 or #macro GOOGLE:MOVESPEED 6

Misc IDE Changes:
- Android Options > 'Build Settings' now has a drop-down which populates with your current Android SDK installation information
- Added support for additional iOS splash screens for iPhones SE, 7, 8 and X

Known Issues:
- It should be fixed now, but if you still get Windows Defender giving false-positives and blocking runtime downloads in 2.1.4+, please tell the Helpdesk
- Explorer file dialogs can sometimes fail to open. This is a Windows 10 Creators Update issue and has been seen failing in other applications
- Runtime download/activation has been seen to crash the IDE occasionally during subsequent startup
- Dead instances of Window's RuntimeBroker application can block attempts to use the manual in the IDE - just get a white page

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